All season long, I asked everyone I knew what they thought I should do when I went to Columbus. I was basically told by everyone to “not get shot.” Well, I’m happy to say that I still have each extremity attached to my body — barely.

Angela Cesere
A student looks at Bob in disgust.
Angela Cesere
Bob receives an unfriendly welcome on High Street in Columbus.


• I ’ve heard many things about what could happen if you went to the Ohio State campus wearing any kind of Michigan apparel. Well, to my stupidity, I decided to experience this for myself. Coming onto campus, I decided to sneak my Steve Breaston jersey in my jacket, waiting for just the right time to pull it out. The opportunity came when I was on High Street (the State Street/South University strip of Columbus that the right edge of campus), exactly five blocks from our car. Let’s just say I’m glad it wasn’t six blocks, as it was 1 a.m. and many of the people I ran into weren’t in top mental shape. I got a response from almost every bystander, and the utter shock and disgust I saw upon my arrival was absolutely amazing. I was flicked off from multiple restaurant windows. I was sworn at in every way imaginable. People looked at the photographer following me and said that he was there to take pictures of me getting my ass kicked. “Throw him into the street!” one girl yelled. I was even mooned. One group started to follow me, until a campus police car was spotted right near the area where our car was parked. Kids, don’t try that at home.

• When I was wearing neutral colors, I found Columbus to be a decent college town, but nothing special. Some bars had an open-door policy where your ID was checked only when drinks were purchased, which was a nice touch. But while the majority of the college towns I’ve been too have a distinct flavor, I never found one in Columbus. Well, other than the fact that everybody hates Michigan.


• Discounting the play on the field, attending the game at Ohio Stadium was incredible. Since the whole thing is built above ground, unlike Michigan Stadium, it looks massive from the field. But the one thing that I never really understood was the large number of animations that were shown from the scoreboard in the south endzone. There was an animation for literally everything. There were multiple Simpsons animations and even an appearance by Special Ed from “Crank Yankers” on Comedy Central. “Yeaaaayyyy! Go Bucks! Yeaaaayyyy!” All of this made me wonder, ‘How does the school acquire all of the rights for these characters?’ Regardless, Ohio State Scoreboard Operations is currently hiring animators. So all you art students, there is a way to put that degree to work! Just not a Michigan degree.


Bob Hunt wants to tell all the people who swore at him that he is looking forward to taking lots of pictures with celebrities in Los Angeles. He can be reached at bobhunt@umich.edu.


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