This week’s adventure led me to Bloomington, the land of
basketball and fraternity parties. But Bloomington is certainly not
the land of football.

Bob Hunt
Bob hypes it with Indiana students.
Bob Hunt
Bob and Daily staffer Eric Ambinder sing karaoke.
Bob Hunt
Bob takes in the Memorial Stadium ambience.


• Upon arrival, I wanted to check out the stadium, figuring
there would be some Indiana fans tailgating before the
Hoosiers’ biggest game of the year. But all I saw was an
empty stadium — so empty that I could walk right in, head
downstairs, and run onto the field with absolutely no effort
whatsoever. The only people in attendance were a group of drunken
Michigan fans and the indifferent grounds crew. At the time, I
thought this was a big deal, but after seeing Saturday’s game
and the vast amount of empty seats, I’m not so sure anymore.
I have to wonder, what if someone spray-painted a block
‘M’ in the middle of the field the night before the


• Hearing that Bloomington was a good place to party, I
went to Scotty’s Brewhouse, which featured both Karaoke and
$2.50 pitchers. And this was on a Friday night! After excessive
drinking and a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “High
Hopes,” I ran into two sorority girls who told us the place
to be was Kilroy’s on Kirkwood. (The Greek system is
especially prominent at IU, as all the fraternities and sororities
are clustered in the middle of campus on Jordan Street.) In my
opinion, Kilroy’s was clearly the most popular place for
Hoosiers on a Friday night, with a wall-to-wall crowd that flew out
the door. It was like Scorekeepers on a Thursday night, except that
it was open until 3 a.m., as all bars in Bloomington are.

• Anyone watching the game saw the lack of excitement for
football in Bloomington, but I can wrap it up in one incident. The
cover of Saturday’s game program, which was created by the
school and is supposed to get people excited about Indiana
football, featured a picture of the “Crimson Crew”
student section. But right in the middle of the indifferent
students with Thunderstix, there’s a GIRL ON HER CELL PHONE!
At least she cared enough to hold onto her Thunderstix while
planning her post-game festivities.


—Bob Hunt is really disappointed that after the
football season he will no longer have a professional photographer
to capture his adventures. He can be reached at

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