Les Savy Fav’s first album in six years, Let’s Stay Friends, breaks through with a big, bossy, face-melting track titled “The Equestrian.” The song’s video isn’t a high-powered production but fan-submitted footage of a little blond girl, no older than 5. The girl turns on her Hello Kitty boombox, grabs a plastic microphone and starts lip-synching in perfect time. She head bangs, makes her plastic horses gallop across the screen and rides her stuffed pony into the floor like a rockstar.

Angela Cesere
Mildly terrifying, yes. But the music? Quite good. (Courtesy of French Kiss)

The video is an apt characterization of Les Savy Fav by all accounts. And while there are many things about the New York indie rockers that seem lo-fi, do-it-yourself or even cutesy from the outside, after listening to their music, this accessible indie fa

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