Her eyes were clenched shut, only daring to open them after she had removed the whirring electric drill from Reverend B. Dangerous”s nose. As the drill exited his nose so did a stream of blood. “You messed up,” Dangerous said as he glared at the cowering sixteen-year-old through blackened eyes and a smile outlined with a red substance resembling blood.

Paul Wong
While Ozzy eats the bats, Marilyn catches the flies.<br><br>JOHN PRATT/Daily

“It does that everyday. It [the drill] rips out more and more every day. Today was actually a good day,” Reverend B. Dangerous explained after his set. To be the most sadistic, sadomasochistic, deranged individual on an Ozzfest tour that features bat-biting Ozzy Osbourne and the man billed as Satan”s roommate, (Marilyn Manson), is no small feat but Reverend B. Dangerous holds that honor.

The man”s catch phrase is “Want to see something fucked up?” and with good reason.

On an average night, the Reverend staples his shirt to his arms and tongue with a staple gun, attaches briefcases to his nipple rings and carries them around, sticks a screwdriver up his nose, hangs a video camera on a rope from his tongue while whipping his head around and lays face down in a pile of glass while he calls out the heaviest member of the audience to stand on the back of his head. What is the Reverend thinking while a three hundred man stands on the back of his head? “Get the FUCK off my head!” he says as he laughs.

While performing in front of thousands has its advantages, being the ringleader of your own freak show has its disadvantages. “I”ve ripped my nipple off three times,” the Reverend says, with a hint of pride in his voice. “I”ve ripped my tongue to the point I can stick my pinky through my tongue. I put a scorpion in my mouth and it stung me four times in the throat.” The Reverend no longer goes to hospitals to patch him up, as they always throw him in with the addicts. So the Reverend does his own medical work. “I super-glued it [a nipple] back on. That”s what superglue is made for.” He smiles as he lifts his shirt up, “It”s pretty mutated it”s not the prettiest nipple.”

Reverend B. Dangerous hopes to entertain but unlike most performers he hopes he isn”t influential. “I don”t encourage anyone to go out and hammer nails in my face That”s why I bleed [on stage], the kid out there who was thinking “that was cool I want to do that,” when they see blood they think “NO I”M NOT! NO I”M NOT!””

With each passing show, the Reverend tests his body”s limitations. “I want to do this thing where I put fish hooks in my back and have chains hooked up to it and pull Stitches (his partner) around the stage.” However, even the Reverend has his limits. “I wouldn”t hook anything up to my dick, my dick has done nothing but give me a good time.”

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