Although Markley and Bursley have the reputation as the rowdiest dorms on campus, the numbers tell a different story.

Jessica Boullion
Bicycles rest outside Alice Lloyd Residence Hall. The dorm had the second-highest rate of alcohol citations over the last five years. (ALLISON GHAMAN/Daily)

Fletcher and Alice Lloyd had the most incidents per resident – and the most alcohol and drug citations per resident – of all dorms on campus over the last five years.

Fletcher, a small dorm on South Campus that houses just 80 students, had an average of 16.1 alcohol and drug citations per 100 students annually. Alice Lloyd, a dorm on the Hill with a capacity of about 500 students, was close behind with an average of 15.4 citations per 100 students each year.

Markley had an average of 13.7 citations and Bursley had an average of 10.4 over the same time, placing them third and fourth respectively.

Fletcher and Alice Lloyd seem to have turned over a new leaf, though. Last semester both dorms had few er than 10 alcohol and drug citations per 100 students.

Residents of both dorms said underage students are being more cautious this year when drinking. Many have decided to stay in their rooms, close the door and keep the music down rather than party in the hallways, residents said.

Students in both dorms said they hold beer pong games using doors taken off their hinges, though.

“Drinking is a normal part of college experience,” said Scott Quaye, a resident of Alice Lloyd. “It’s a rite of passage.”

Kyle McMillan, an Alice Lloyd resident, said the dorm has still had its share of alcohol-related incidents this year.

One female Lloyd resident returned to the dorms seemingly drunk and thought a peer’s bedroom was the bathroom, McMillan said.

She tried to open the door with her key until the room’s resident came out to inform her that it wasn’t the bathroom.

Housing officials said in an interview last week that they didn’t know what caused the discrepancy in incident rates between dorms.

Large numbers of freshmen probably inflate the incident rates of some dorms, said Greg Merritt, director of residence education for University Housing. He said there’s probably a wrinkle of truth to everyone’s own folk theory about what causes the difference in citation rates between dorms.


– Want to see where your dorm ranks? See the full breakdown of dorms by the number of incident reports at michigandaily.com/thewire.

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