Retired faculty at North Carolina to offer services for free

Retired faculty members from the University of North Carolina are telling UNC officials they are willing to return to the school and teach courses without any compensation, The Daily Tar Heel reported.

According to The Daily Tar Heel, the UNC Retired Faculty Association approved a resolution to offer their services free of charge in order to help minimize the impact of budget cuts on students.

Some faculty are skeptical of the proposal, including Joe Templeton, chairman of the faculty. Templeton told The Daily Tar Heel that UNC guidelines would need to be reviewed first to see if the retired faculty would be allowed to return to their previously held positions.

Yale University to fire up to 300 staff

The Yale Daily News reported that Yale University may lay off as many as 300 employees in an effort to cope with the current economic situation.

Officials at Yale told the Yale Daily News they are planning to double severance benefits for all employees let go, which would provide two weeks of full pay for each year of service to the university up to 26 years.

Yale still expects a $100 million budget deficit expected for the 2010 fiscal year, according to the Yale Daily News.

Wisconsin doctor takes fire on large royalty payments

Dr. Thomas A. Zdeblick, chairman of the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Orthopedics, has come under heavy criticism when it was reported recently that he collected $19.4 million in third party payments from 2003 to 2004.

The report by The Chronicle of Higher Education cite the figures, which outline the payments Zdeblick received from Medtronic — a medical company that supplies the spinal implants that Zdeblick invented.

Many critics, including Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R–Iowa), admit there is not definitive evidence of any wrongdoing on Zdeblick’s part, but say the shortage of evidence on either side is part of the problem, according to the Chronicle.

Medtronic told the Chronicle the payments were legitimate royalty payments on inventions belonging to Zdeblick.

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