Sony (parent company of Screen Gems) is in trouble. Remember the Ericsson? How about the PSP? Neither do we. But apparently, Sony’s still trying to sell things. Evidence: the first half of the trailer for the latest “Resident Evil” installment, which literally features random people, quite possibly the last Sony users on Earth, describing “their world” while using Sony products.

Resident Evil:Retribution

Screen Gems

When done creatively, product placement is tolerable. But this Madison Avenue experiment fails catastrophically. Not only does the trailer not sell Sony very well, but it also eviscerates what little good will the movie might have had with its audience. And this is a movie that desperately needs good will. Even if you love zombie movies and haven’t suffered through previous “Resident Evil” films (they’re so bad, they’re funny), what little cinematic footage we get in this “trailer” — Milla Jovovich (“The Fifth Element”) hitting zombies with things — is remarkably stagnant, especially given all the guns and corpses. Avoid this movie. Whether you do so to protest corporate arrogance or crappy film is up to you.

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