University Housing is proposing a 3.9-percent average increase in residence-hall room and board rates for the 2009-2010 academic year, and a 1.9-percent increase in Northwood Community Apartment rentals.

The rate proposals are listed in a report online in Thursday’s Board of Regents meeting agenda and will be introduced at the meeting. As of now, the proposal is awaiting the regents’ approval.

For the past academic year, the University’s room and board rates were the second highest among Big Ten universities, trailing behind Northwestern University.

The average rate increase of 3.9 percent is composed of a 1.9-percent cost of general operations and a 2-percent cost for the Residential Life Initiatives facilities renewal, which provides for the renewal, revitalization and modernization of campus residential facilities. The rental average increase of 1.9 percent for Northwood Community Apartments stems from the general cost of operations.

According to the room and board 2009-2010 rate recommendations, a double room in a traditional hall will cost $8,924, which is $334 higher than the 2008-2009 rate. A single will cost $10,650 — an increase of $400 from last year.

Based on a report submitted by the Office of Student Affairs, Michigan has the fourth lowest projected rate increase for the coming academic year compared to other Big Ten universities. The University of Minnesota has the lowest room and board rate increase at 1.54 percent, followed by the University of Wisconsin at 3.5 percent and Northwestern University at 3.6 percent. Ohio State University has the highest room and board rate increase at 6 percent.

All Big Ten universities have already approved their room and board rate increases for the upcoming academic year, except for Michigan and the University of Iowa.

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