The Department of Public Safety is searching for a suspect, or suspects, in a rash of thefts from residence hall computing labs that occurred this weekend.

ResComp employees from Mosher-Jordan, South Quad and Alice Lloyd residence halls all reported missing equipment when they returned to work on Sunday. In each of the cases, the equipment was believed to be taken sometime between Friday night and Sunday afternoon, DPS Lt. Robert Neumann said.

As of last night, DPS had no suspects for any of the thefts, he said, adding that an investigation may take several weeks.

Four keyboards and four microphones, with a total value of $472, are missing from the Mosher-Jordan computing lab, while six zip drives, valued at $780, were stolen from the South Quad lab, Neumann said. In addition, a stolen keyboard and mouse, valued at $120, were discovered damaged in Alice Lloyd Sunday night.

In at least one of the incidents, University property, including cut security cables, was damaged in order for the perpetrator to take the stolen items. The value of the damaged property is unknown, Neumann said.

Neumann said there were no signs of forced entry at any of the computing sites, leading police to suspect that the person or persons entered the computing labs with their own Mcard or through other students using the labs.

“It is possible that the person was able to swipe in with a card, and it could be that someone let them in,” Neumann said. “The department would ask that people not let other people into secure labs and buildings, for everyone’s safety.”

Neumann said there are other signs the incidents were connected aside from the apparent lack of forced entry, but he would not elaborate as the case is under investigation.

He also would not elaborate on whether video tape taken from the security cameras recently installed in several of the residence halls, including South Quad, may lead to a suspect. He called the security cameras “one avenue for investigation that could be followed.”

ResComp Director Jeff Wright could not be reached to comment last night on whether ResComp will take any action to prevent future thefts.

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