Mia Za’s Cafe, an Italian restaurant, closed its Ann Arbor branch Saturday night.

The restaurant opened in Ann Arbor in 2005, specializing in Italian dishes including salads, pasta and pizza, and offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Mia Za’s garnered positive feedback from the Ann Arbor community throughout its years of business. The restaurant was awarded “Best Restaurant to Have a First Date” in 2005 by the Daily Illini, and “Best New Restaurant” in 2006 by The Michigan Daily, among other awards and honors.

Emily Taylor, the general manager for Mia Za’s Ann Arbor branch, said the restaurant has been experiencing a steady drop in business.

“We were having declining sales,” Taylor said. “I, myself, was moving to a different direction, and the owner lives far away. I think he didn’t feel like looking for (someone to replace me) when the sales were going downhill.”

Taylor also said she and her staff were able to close the stores quickly because the owner of the restaurant lives out of state.

Though the Ann Arbor restaurant closed, Mia Za’s Cafe still has operating locations in Madison, Wis., and Champaign, Ill.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated the restaurant closed Monday morning. The story has been updated to say the restaurant actually closed Saturday, April 25th.

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