Ross School of Business junior and Michigan Student Assembly Rep. Anton Vuljaj announced his resignation at an MSA meeting yesterday night.

Vuljaj, who has admitted to disrupting a website during a campus student government election in 2006, now faces criminal charges. He pled guilty in Washtenaw County Circuit Court to two felony counts Thursday, the first for using a computer to commit a crime and the second for interfering with an electronic device.

The first charge carries a maximum of four years in prison and a $5,000 fine, while the second carries a possible two-year sentence and fine of $1,000.

Last week Vuljaj said in court that he used a computer program to disrupt the Michigan Progressive Party’s website from his dorm room on Mar. 20 and 21 of 2006 during MSA’s spring elections. Vuljaj was a member of the rival Students 4 Michigan party at the time.

The program targeted a file, downloading it more than 200,000 times from the MPP website, blocking all other traffic without ever visiting the site.

Vuljaj’s sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 14.

At yesterday’s meeting, Vuljaj apologized for his conduct, speaking from a prepared written statement.

“I believe my actions have jeopardized my own character as a U of M student,” he said. “The past two years, although stressful at times, have given me the most wonderful friendships and fulfilling memories.”

Vuljaj then announced his resignation.

“Effective tonight, I am stepping down as an MSA representative and joining your constituency,” he said.

MSA President Mohammad Dar acknowledged Vuljaj’s decision to resign, saying he had done good work as a representative.

“He made a decision that he thought was best for an organization he loves and we will support him in that decision,” Dar said. “I hope with time people will realize, as he has admitted, (the crime) was a mistake, and with time I hope people will forgive him.”

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