The University’s Board of Regents approved designs for the new Biological Science Building and renovations for the David M. Dennison Building, as well as projects on the second floor of Lorch Hall and improvements for Yost Ice Arena.


Click here to see renderings of the Dennison Building and the new Biological Sciences Building.

The Dennison renovations are slated to cost $49 million and will add 1,500 gross square feet of space to the building by enclosing an overhang area on the first floor and extending windows outward on the 10th floor, which will create a 10-story high-rise section of the building. Classrooms will be repurposed to create spaces for faculty, graduate student and undergraduate student collaborative work.

LSA will relocate the International Institute from the School of Social Work to the new Dennison Building.

The regents also approved designs for the new Biological Science Building.

This building will be adjacent to the Life Sciences Institute, where the historic North Hall and the Museums Annex are currently located. Both will be demolished.

Built in 1915, the current Kraus Natural Science Building houses the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and has reached its capacity for the current number of researchers.

The Ruthven Museums Building houses an additional portion of the EEB and the Anthropology, Natural History, Paleontology and Zoology museums. The museums, along with a portion of Herbarium specimens and dry collections, will be transferred to the new building.

The new building is expected to cost $261 million, $9 million of which is earmarked for the demolition of North Hall and the Museums Annex.

The new building will include new research laboratories, active learning classrooms, group tables instead of auditorium seating, offices and the four museums collections. The new building will also have a connector from the building to the Life Science Institute.

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