A remix album of Sarah McLachlan”s hits would seem to be the perfect antidote to her output of syrupy live tracks over three Lilith Fair compilations which culminated in her narcissistic 14-track live album, Mirrorball. Indeed, there are some pleasurable moments BT”s transcending mix of the otherwise-stale ballad “I Love You,” as well as her club-hit collaboration with Delerium, “Silence.” Even Madonna producer William Orbit lends a remix of “Black.”

Paul Wong
Malkmus paves the way for The Jicks.<br><br>Courtesy of Matador Records

But while Madonna made the transition to full-out techno artist believably, McLachlan”s mixes often lack the character and warmth of her original compositions. While moments such as “Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiesto Mix)” provide brilliant transformation, it”s all too often exactly you”d fear most of a remix album: Beats overcoming vocals, washing away human qualities, monotonous and heartless.

Grade: C

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