It”s time for a revolution. That”s right, the five guys that collectively make up of a revolution (known to many as simply O.A.R.) will rock the Michigan Theater tonight, with special guest Ordinary Peoples, on their national tour. They have been selling out venues from New York to Vermont and are sweeping college campuses all over the country with a style of music that some describe as “reggae rock” and others compare to the likes of Dave Matthews and Bob Marley. Whatever style you consider O.A.R. to encompass, you”re sure to get a down-to-earth yet ultimately adrenaline rushing performance.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Everfine

Lead singer and guitarist Marc Roberge, guitarist Richard On, bassist Ben Gershman and drummer Chris Culos grew up together in Rockville, MD. O.A.R. was formed while these boys were still in high school and they hooked up with Jerry DePizzo, formerly the saxophonist for Ordinary Peoples and now officially the saxophonist for O.A.R., while attending Ohio State University. They released their first album, The Wanderer, in 1997 and had a breakthrough hit with “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker.” Their follow up albums, Soul”s Aflame, released in 1999, and most recently Risen, in 2001, have become staples of college-aged youth across the country.

With meaningful lyrics and a style all their own, O.A.R. have the ability to connect with their fans, mainly because their fans are reflections of themselves. Not one of the band members is over 22-years-old and they hail from a Midwest university, just like most of their fans. And even though O.A.R. has never been on MTV, they have turned their popularity into a national tour, and for $15 a ticket, you can”t get a more exhilarating and resounding evening.

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