While many students will leave campus in the next few weeks, University administrators and members of the University Board of Regents will be busy over the summer finalizing decisions that will affect the educational experience on campus in the fall and for years to come.

The items on their collective docket include setting tuition rates, finalizing budget plans and determining faculty promotions.

In an interview yesterday, Provost Teresa Sullivan outlined what she knew University administrators would present to the regents over the next few months.

Sullivan said the regents would consider faculty promotions at their May meeting. Recommendations for faculty promotions are made by the deans of each school and are currently being reviewed by the Office of the Provost. Sullivan said once she and her staff have finished reviewing the recommendations, she will submit her recommendations to the regents for final approval.

“The May meeting in Dearborn is a big meeting for faculty because that’s when promotions get approved,” she said. “So there’s a lot of faculty members waiting anxiously for that meeting.”

Yesterday Sullivan told members of the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs — the leading faculty governance body on campus — that 204 faculty members are up for promotion this year.

The regents also voted on student housing rates last year in May. Though she wasn’t certain, Sullivan said she thought those rates would be determined in June this year.

Also in June, the regents will consider and adopt the University’s budget for next year. The regents will review and vote on budget proposals from each of the University’s three campuses and the University of Michigan Health System. As part of each campus’s budget, the regents also approve the tuition rates for the next academic year.

At the same June meeting, the regents typically approve student fee increases — including the fees for the Michigan Student Assembly, student legal services and student health services.

Last year was the first year that these items were considered and voted on in June. Historically, the regents did not approve the budget, tuition rates or fee increases until their July meeting. Sullivan said she moved the date up to June last year so incoming freshmen would know what tuition rates would be earlier in the summer.

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