The University’s Board of Regents will have its hands full when it meets on Thursday, with controversial topics like continuous enrollment up for discussion.

At their monthly meeting later this week, regents will receive an update on efforts to implement a continuous enrollment policy at the University — which would require all Ph.D. candidates to enroll and pay tuition each semester from matriculation to degree completion.

Though the plan for the policy was announced last semester by Rackham Dean Janet Weiss, many — including graduate students — say they are still unclear about the full implications of the proposed change.

Shortly after the policy was announced, graduate students formed the “Continuous Enrollment Work Group,” claiming administrators were not painting an accurate picture of the proposal to the Rackham community.

The Rackham Student Government also passed two resolutions over the summer, asking for more information about the policy from administrators.

Weiss will make a presentation to the regents on Thursday and will answer their questions, in an effort to dispel potential misconceptions.

Weiss made a similar presentation to the regents in April, though more information is expected to be available at this month’s meeting, as more of the details of the policy have been hashed out in the interim. She has also made similar presentations about the policy to other campus groups — including the leading faculty governance body, the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs.

In addition to the presentation from Weiss, The Regents will also be presented with an annual update on environmental efforts at the University and will hear a presentation about the growth in entrepreneurial activity across campus.

$62 million in construction

The Regents will also be asked to take action on three construction projects that would cost nearly $62 million.

The first and largest of the projects, with a projected cost of $49 million, would renovate Couzens Hall as part of an ongoing effort to renovate residence halls on the Hill area of campus.

The project will include installing new plumbing, heating, ventilation, fire detection and suppression systems, wired and wireless Internet access and renovated bathrooms. Additionally, efforts will also be made to increase building accessibility, creating new living-learning spaces and upgrading energy efficiency measures.

Regents are expected to approve issuing the project for bids and awarding the bids as long as they are within the project budget.

If all stays on schedule with the project, proposed renovations are expected to be completed by the summer of 2011.

Regents will also be asked to authorize two new construction projects — an addition and partial renovation to the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Laboratory and an interior renewal to areas of the North Campus Research Complex.

Renovations and additions to the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Laboratory are projected to cost $11.1 million and will include 10,000 square feet of renovations and a 10,000 square-foot addition. Renovations will include replacement of an electrical substation and upgrades to laboratories used for energy-related research.

Interior upgrades to the North Campus Research Complex are also expected to be approved by the regents on Thursday. The renewal project will include repainting walls and replacing carpet in 92,000 square feet of the complex. The project is projected to cost $1.8 million and should be completed by spring 2010.

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