The University’s Board of Regents is slated to hear and approve proposals for operating budgets and set tuition rates for the 2013-2014 fiscal year at its meeting Thursday.

Following an opening speech by University President Mary Sue Coleman and a presentation by Timothy Slottow, the University’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, budgets will be proposed for the three University campuses — Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint — as well as for the Athletic Department and the University Hospitals and Health Centers.

In addition, the Regents will discuss several appointments to chair departments within various colleges in the University, along with the following:

1) There is a proposal to renovate East Hall, as the space does not currently meet the needs of the department of Psychology. The project will renovate 12,500 square feet to create new laboratories and support spaces for neuroscience research. The construction is estimated to cost $4.6 million.

2) Another proposal seeks to relocate the department of Astronomy to West Hall and renovate 21,000 square feet to accommodate the move.

In a communication with the Regents, Slottow said the project would permit “greater collaboration with the Center for the Study of Complex Systems and the Department of Physics.”

The renovation is slated to cost $5.5 million. Funding will be provided from LSA resources.

3) Business senior Michael Proppe, president of Central Student Government wrote in a communication with the Regents that, in light of recent crime alerts, CSG will discuss its development of a proposal — created in collaboration with the Department of Parking and Transportation Services — to develop a new late-night bus route to accommodate students walking home alone at night.

“These (current) services are hard to keep track of and burdened beyond capacity,” Proppe wrote. “Instead, students choose to walk home alone at night. A disturbing number of crime alerts in recent years indicates that this is an unsafe status quo.”

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