The University’s Board of Regents will hear a proposal to install permanent stadium lights at Michigan Stadium when it meets during its regular monthly meeting on Thursday.

The proposal, submitted by Athletic Director David Brandon and Tim Slottow, the University’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, requests that the regents approve the proposal to place the project out for bids and to award the project, provided it falls within the established budget.

The budget of $1.8 million for the entire project would include funds for purchasing the necessary materials as well as the architectural, electrical and mechanical work necessary to install the new lights.

According to the proposal, the project would be fully financed by Athletic Department resources. The Athletic Department is a financially independent arm of the University, which contributes money to the University’s general fund.

In the past, temporary lights were used to light the stadium for games where it was necessary.

However, with two night games already scheduled at the Big House in the next year, the lights, if approved by the regents, are expected to be used somewhat regularly.

“The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics plans to host a night hockey game at the stadium in December 2010, and a night football game in September 2011,” Brandon and Slottow wrote in their letter. “It is expected that the demands for field lighting will continue to increase over time.”

Brandon and Slottow went on to explain that by installing permanent stadium lighting, the Big House would enjoy “increased quality of illumination, greater reliability, and improved aesthetics” over the current model of temporary stadium lighting, used on an as-needed basis.

If approved, construction on the project is expected to be completed this fall.

Regents to consider $17.15 million for other construction projects

University’s Board of Regents will consider replacing the elevator in South Quad Residence Hall at its meeting on Thursday — a project predicted to cost the University and University Housing a combined $1.15 million.

In a letter to the Board of Regents, Slottow and E. Royster Harper, the University’s Vice President for Student Affairs, said the project is necessary because the existing elevator, installed in 1951, “has become difficult to maintain and shows decreased reliability.”

Approval for the project, which is expected to be given at Thursday’s meeting, would place the project on schedule for completion in the summer of 2011.

Regents will also consider three other construction proposals at the meeting.

The first is a proposal to approve the schematic design for a 10,000-square-foot addition to the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Laboratory and a renovation to the building’s second floor.

The project budget of $11.1 million was already approved by the regents, with funding for the project coming from resources from University investment proceeds, the Office of the Vice President for Research and the College of Engineering.

Work on the project, if approved, is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2013.

The regents will also hear proposals to renovate the Auxilary Services Building of the School of Art and Design. The project, which will reportedly save the University $114,000 in annual recurring costs on leased space while increasing available space by 40 percent, is currently being estimated at a price tag of $4.9 million.

If approved, the project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2011. As part of the project, 70 additional parking spaces will become necessary, though Slottow wrote in a letter to the regents that the needs could be met by using the excess parking spaces in an adjacent parking lot.

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