At the University Board of Regents meeting yesterday, the regents unanimously approved projects for renovations to the Intercollegiate Soccer Stadium, additions to the George Granger Brown Memorial Laboratories and Engineering Programs Building and demolition of the Kresge Complex.

Intercollegiate Soccer Stadium

Renovations to the Intercollegiate Soccer Stadium will include concessions and public restrooms for spectators, two varsity locker rooms and a press box. The construction will also create a grandstand seating area for an additional 1,800 spectators which will be covered by a canopy.

Architects used the University’s softball stadium as an architectural model and will construct the soccer stadium out of similar materials including brick and limestone. The stadium’s designers said the new structure will have an expected lifespan of more than 50 years.

The project, which spans 20,000-square-feet of the stadium, will cost an estimated $6 million. The Athletic Department will fund the renovation through its resources and donations. Construction is scheduled to be completed in fall 2010.

George Granger Brown Memorial Laboratories

The George Granger Brown Memorial Laboratories will receive a 66,000-square-foot addition to provide space for research laboratories, faculty and graduate student offices and areas to make ultra-high-resolution measurements at atomic and molecular scales.

The building currently houses the Department of Mechanical Engineering and research projects involving bio systems, energy systems and nano systems.

The estimated cost of the addition is $56 million. Funding will be provided by College of Engineering resources and donations and a potential grant through stimulus funds. There is no targeted date for construction completion.

Engineering Programs Building

A 10,000-square-foot addition will be added to the east side of the Engineering Programs Building located on North Campus. The expansion will provide extra working space for student projects like the Solar Car team, Formula SAE and Concrete Canoe teams.

The estimated cost of the project is $4.8 million dollars, which will be provided by College of Engineering resources. Construction is scheduled to be completed in fall 2010.

Kresge Complex Demolition

The Kresge Complex — consisting of Kresge Medical Research Buildings I, II and III, Kresge Hearing Research Institute, Kresge Temporary Animal Facility, Alice Crocker Lloyd Radiation Therapy Center and Upjohn Center for Clinical Pharmacology — will be demolished within the next 14 months.

The seven interconnected buildings, encompassing approximately 260,000-square-feet of space, are currently vacant. Occupants moved to new locations on campus after the Medical School renovated other buildings.

In addition to demolishing the complex and removing all subsequent debris, the project will add sidewalks, landscaping and storm water management to the site.

Medical School resources will fund the project that is estimated to cost $9.7 million. Construction is scheduled to be completed winter 2011.

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