FLINT, Mich. — At the October Board of Regents meeting on Friday, Regent Andrea Fischer Newman (R) asked the board to approve a $100,000 bonus for University President Mary Sue Coleman.

After detailing Coleman’s performance during the previous year, Newman lauded Coleman’s leadership in areas such as cost-containment, controlling tuition costs, promoting fundraising and student support. The board voted unanimously to approve the one-time bonus, which will come from non-general fund sources.

Though today’s vote was a one-time bonus, Coleman has historically donated pay raises back to the University, often in the form of student scholarships. Coleman donated her additional compensation in 2007, 2011 and 2012. Though Coleman did not announce intentions to donate the bonus at Friday’s meeting, she mentioned she had not expected the regents to discuss her compensation.

The regents decision to award Coleman’s raise came only two weeks after she and her husband gifted $1 million to study abroad aid at her annual leadership breakfast.

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