STAR TREK: NEMESIS: “Star Trek” fans rejoice and whimper, for the newest addition to the “Generation” films has arrived. The latest film, “Nemesis,” contains all the familiar members of the Enterprise crew: Picard, Geordi, “Number 1” (Riker), Data, Worf, Crusher and Deanna Troi. The film opens with the assassination of the Romulan Senate and much turmoil in the Neutral Zone; however, there is talk of potential peace between the Federation and the Romulans, so the Enterprise is sent in to investigate this suspicious call for a truce.

En-route, the crew stumbles upon some positron readings from a planet only to find an android – who looks just like Data upon investigation! Upon arrival in the Neutral Zone, what the crew finds are members of the rival planet Remus led by a younger clone of Captain Picard.

While “Nemesis” does have its share of action, humor and surprise, it certainly does not compare to other Generation films such as “First Contact” and “Generations.” The film may appeal to those who don’t consider themselves a “trekkie” as “Nemesis” does not assume the viewer has much prior knowledge about the series, or past films. Those outside the cult fan-base may still find some merit in “Nemesis.” HHH

– John Laughlin

MAID IN MANHATTAN: If you are looking for an early Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, or if you need a way to make up for a big relationship screw up, here’s your chance. “Maid in Manhattan” is a movie that unquestionably falls into the category of “date movie.”

This modern-day Cinderella story stars Jennifer Lopez as Marisa Ventura, a single mother living in the Bronx making her living as a maid in an upscale Manhattan hotel. Instead of glass slippers, Marisa is trying on an expensive dress that belongs to a wealthy guest of the hotel when Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) walks into the room, and she walks instantly into his heart. Marshall is no prince, but rather senatorial candidate Charming, and this extreme difference in social classes is where the conflict comes in. Marisa must now try to hide her true identity, while remembering her desire to make it in the world on her own. This gushy tale ends with a subtle message for all who doubt J-Lo’s marriage to Ben Affleck.

Never eclipsing its status as a “Pretty Woman” retread, Lopez and Fiennes make an unlikely couple as they sometimes provide enjoyable romantic escape but mostly fail to live up to its delightful predecessors. HH

– Josh Neidus

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