Films and books have been self-reflective for years. Whenever a
movie (“Kill Bill: Volume 2,” for example) purposely
tries to be a cheezy throwback, the director lets the audience know
with over-the-top action and hammy dialogue. Now, thanks to upstart
developer Rockstar Games, we have the first real example of a
self-reflective video game — “Red Dead

The leader of a guerilla Mexican militia, General Diego, and the
Governor, a corrupt politician, have killed your Pa for his stake
in a gold mine. To avenge his death, Red has to kill a never-ending
stream of militiamen. While the plot is perfectly derivative of a
’60s Spaghetti Western movie, it’s just a thin front
for the action.

And what incredible action it is: intensely gratifying
headshots, upgradable weapons and stealth levels that don’t
skimp on the excitement. All of this is done in the third person
perspective — a notoriously difficult viewpoint for
developers to work in. When Red is surrounded by what seems to be
the entire Mexican militia, it becomes immediately obvious that
Rockstar has done what has eluded so many of developers who are
needlessly bent on realism: They have created an experience that is
undeniably fun.

“Red Dead Revolver” has all the music and humor that
has made Rockstar such a popular developer, but it also has
something “Grand Theft Auto” lacks — flawless

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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