Michael Eisenstein

Offense: “Our goalie had a better chance of scoring than our forwards” is never a ringing endorsement from your coach. But the country’s goal leader, Kevin Porter, and freshman Matt Rust shined with two goals apiece.

2 pucks

Andy Reid

Defense: Bowling Green wanted these games. Badly. The defense, although a little shaky at times, held up pretty well. Michigan gave up just two goals when it was at full strength.

3 pucks

Courtney Ratkowiak

Goaltending: Sauer and Hogan led the postgame rendition of The Victors for good reason. Sauer continued his consistency Friday, and Hogan showed last Saturday wasn’t a fluke. An extra half-puck goes to Hogan for his crazy almost-goal.

3.5 pucks

Nate Sandals

Special teams: Michigan’s penalty kill stood strong against the nation’s second-best power play. The Wolverines held Bowling Green to just 2-for-15 on the power play. Michigan also had two power-play goals on Saturday night.

3 pucks

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