In a system named for legendary coach Red Berenson, the Daily hockey writers rate the Wolverines on their performance in each of four areas. (Rated out of 4 pucks)

Nate Sandals:
On Friday night, the pucks weren’t going in. On Saturday, they were. Western Michigan goalie Riley Gill deserves credit for repeatedly stopping point-blank Michigan shots. (3 out of 4 pucks)

Amber Colvin:
You have to give the ‘D’ props for sticking it out with just three lines Saturday during the great injury pandemic. Friday, however, left much to be desired. (2 out of 4 pucks)

Ian Robinson:
Controversy? After Sauer gave up 13 goals over two games, Jakiel made his first career start in a tough road environment and some saves that kept Michigan in the game. (2 out of 4 pucks)

James V. Dowd:
The power play found its legs again, scoring on four of its 12 chances this weekend. The penalty kill also showed offensive prowess, scoring a key short-handed goal. (3 out of 4 pucks)

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