“The Reader”
The Weinstein Company
Dec. 10

Courtesy of the Weinstein Co.

Kate Winslet is most certainly the best actress working today without an Academy Award to show for it. But judging by the magnificent brief moments of raw emotion seen in the trailer for “The Reader,” this could be her year.

Though the trailer initially seems to promise a tragic tale of a young man and an older female lover, it abruptly switches tone and becomes a courtroom drama … about Nazis. Anyone see her mock this material on TV’s “Extras?”

The mystery lies in the identity of this enigmatic older woman and the nature of the horrific act she committed. The trailer is careful to give almost nothing away, but it still provides enough to whet our appetites.

If so much suspense can be summoned in only two-and-a-half minutes, just imagine what the rest of the film holds. With no big-budget special effects and a seemingly unhappy ending, it could be the perfect counterweight to the sugary holiday fare typically released this time of year. For those who’ve been waiting for meaty material to sink their teeth into, the film’s release date can’t come soon enough.

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