“Cowboy Bebop” is an exciting adventure set in the future where “cowboys,” or bounty hunters, seek out the most wanted criminals. When a suave Spike Spiegel and his cohorts stumble upon a case bigger than ever imagined, the sought prize is no longer money but the fate of the planet.

Thinking she is on the trail of a devious hacker, Faye Valentine is witness to a tanker truck explosion that leaves many dead due to an unknown airborne virus. Faye notices a man in black but is unable to apprehend the perpetrator before he vanishes. She returns to tell others about the incident, and they separate to try and find clues as to who this mystery man is and what exactly happened with the explosion.

Seemingly working apart to perhaps gain the monetary reward themselves, the team inevitably acts as a whole with each member working for the collective good. The man in black (Vincent) is discovered to be an ex-militia man who was supposed to be dead. What ensues is more than just a chase to catch the villain; it’s a race to save the world.

Director Shinichir

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