Man wants to know if anyone wants a Chinese friend

(Jan. 17, 2002) To the Daily:

Hi,if you wanna make friends with Chinese or wanna know more about China, please contact with me. E-mail address:

Father desires to have fired cartoonist rehired (like that”s going to happen)

Trouble”s abrewin” in Hawai”i, could revolution be next?

(March 31, 2001) To the Daily:

Hey from Hawai”i.


I”m a student at the University of Hawaii here in Honolulu. Hoping we can get out some severely important information to all Americans concerning native Hawai”ians.

To benefit a lot of suffering and dying, native Hawai”ians livin in ghettos in poverty and being illegally, militarily and economically, dominated by the United States of America at this very moment.

Did you have any idea ?????????????

How about the beginnings of a violent native Hawai”ian revolution for justice in Hawaii??????????????

Violence in Hawai”i??????????????????

Say what????????????????????

Several weeks ago a native Hawai”ian activist drove his pickup truck up the sidewalk and into the center area of the state capitol building in Honolulu and set it on fire to explode the gas tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A desperate move to get some attention to a desperate situation.

The police cleaned the situation up rapidly, and the media gave vey little coverage to this event at all, even here in Hawai”i.

Then we have the 17-year olf who bombed and blew the fronts off several government buildings here including a social security office.

Why did the media downplay these things to the max??????????????????????

Are they afraid the tourist will stop coming to Hawai”i????????????????????

Guess who owns the media in Hawai”i?

Did any of yoy guys have any idea this kind of stuff is going on in “paradise?” Down the beach from Baywatch Hawaii or Hawaii 5-0, t.v. series?

So what”s goin on????????

You thought Hawai”i was a part of the United States? Guess what?

Like Sodam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Like Milosovich invaded Kosvo.

Like Hitler invaded the world.

The United States invaded the Kindom of Hawai”i, and overthrew the government, violating international law to the max.

Keoki Krammer

1625 Stillman Lane Apt. 2R

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817

(Feb. 20, 2001) To the Daily:

My son, Jason Polan, is a freshman at U of M and up until last week was a contributing a comic strip entitled “UM……” to the Daily. He has done this type of art for several years, and was very excited and pleased when Emily Achenbaum, the editorial page editor at that time, agreed last fall to accept his work for publication on the editorial page.

Unfortunately, Jason was informed on Feb. 8, 2001, in an e-mail from Peter Cunniffe, associate editorial page editor, that his comic strip “is essentially an empty spot on the page saying nothing of importance to anyone” and would no longer be published.

This was in response to Jason”s submittal that same day of a comic strip, that in my words, “took a shot” at the new editorial staff”s Feb. 1, 2001 decision to reduce his comic strip”s publication from twice per week to once per week.

This is not the kind of professionalism that should be exhibited by The Michigan Daily editorial staff. I believe very strongly that the editorial staff should meet with Jason to discuss the situation and hopefully find a way to work together to provide an avenue for Jason to contribute to the Daily and a means for the Daily”s readership to have and opportunity to experience Jason”s comic strip.

Jesse N. Polan

Parent of fired cartoonist

The letter writer put this letter on his company letterhead. We were all very impressed. If you want to humiliate Jason a little more we suggest you e-mail him at Gargoyle “humor” magazine.

Hans is in love with John C. Holmes

(July 10, 2001) To the Daily:


My name is Hans.

I love John Holmes.

More of and with John C. Holmes.


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