Responding to Michigan coach Lloyd Carr’s concerns about on-field safety, Ohio State promised to enhance security for this year’s game. Extra security will be located around the field tomorrow, and additional personnel will also be on hand to escort Michigan players and staff to and from the stadium.

Only time will tell what kind of mayhem the Buckeye fans will have in store this time around.

Here’s a look back at what happened after the Wolverines’ last trip down to Columbus in 2000.

Michigan 38, Ohio State 26

Before the game, an e-mail was sent out by the school’s president urging students to behave responsibly no matter what the outcome. The message: “Your response to the game will reflect on the entire university. I expect everyone on and around campus to celebrate safely and peacefully.”

Apparently, the plea for sanity fell on deaf ears. The carnage from the ensuing riots:

n 129 fires

n 29 arrests

n Five cars overturned or significantly damaged

n One stabbing

n Tear gas and bullets fired by police

Following the game, police had to physically escort firefighters to the scene of the riots, said Ohio State spokeswoman Elizabeth Conlisk. Ohio State sophomore Lisa Ketchmer descried the area as resembling “a Third World country.”

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