Like everyone watching the game, The Michigan Daily football
writers tend to complain from time to time. This year, we decided
to share what’s bugging us. And, you, the reader, can join in, too.
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“Have you met anyone that LIKES this year’s student T-shirts? I
haven’t. While the front is decent, the misaligned schedule on the
back looks like it was designed in twenty minutes on the day of the
deadline. Basically, this is another way that the athletic
department squeezes every dollar out of the student (it should be
included in the ticket price, like at other schools). It’s just not
worth my money. Take the slogan, ‘There’s no football like Big
House football.’ What is that supposed to mean? That we count
players in the attendance figure like no one else? I can’t imagine
what the LOSING entries were like.”

— Bob Hunt

“I love the Michigan marching band more than I love my mother
— just kidding Mom, it’s just an expression … or is it?
When I hear “The Victors” for the first time in the fall, I almost
tear up. Almost. The thing that really gets my water works flowing,
though, is those God-forsaken halftime flags. Purple, orange, red
and yellow?!? What the funk? I’ve been perplexed by this eyesore
ever since I first noticed it two years ago. You flag corps members
are killing me. Please just twirl the pregame helmet flags at all

— Gennaro Filice

“I’ve got to admit that I’m a little worried about the special
teams. Miami rolled up 280 return yards. Ryne Robinson looked like
Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl running around Michigan. I’m hoping
he’s that good and the coverage teams aren’t that bad … but
either way, the Wolverines kicked the ball to him a few more time
than I would have preferred. And then there’s the two extra points.
I’m breaking into cold sweats just thinking about the losses at
UCLA in 2000 and at Washington in 2001 when botched field goals and
extra points were the difference.”

— Chris Burke

“Have the players, coaches and fans forgotten who Matt Gutierrez
is? Just a month ago Braylon Edwards and Lloyd Carr couldn’t stop
praising him. Then training camp began. Carr even went out of his
way yesterday to say that he does not automatically give starters
their job back when they return from injury. Henne was solid
Saturday, but how much did he really show? If the competition was
up in the air before his injury, it should remain that way. Or
maybe Henne just beat out Gutierrez.”

— Sharad Mattu

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