Like everyone watching the game, The Michigan Daily football
writers tend to complain from time to time. This year, we decided
to share what’s bugging us. And, you, the reader, can join in, too.
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“This is probably not gonna happen — humor me for a
minute: Michigan and Wisconsin run the table and go undefeated in
the Big Ten. Wisconsin is undefeated, but doesn’t get to play
in the National Championship game and settles for the automatic
Rose Bowl bid. With Pac-10 champs Southern Cal. likely Orange
Bowl-bound, the suits in Pasadena will be looking for a team. Enter
Michigan. If the Big Ten title game is in the distant future, this
would make a great alternative. Since the B(C)S was created, some
bowl games have lost some of their luster. The novelty of a
Wolverines-Badgers Rose Bowl would be great.”

— Sharad Mattu


“The band was really missing from the atmosphere on
Saturday. While I realize that it’s expensive to bring the
entire band, a smaller band of about 40 could come. The group could
play the basic songs and entertain the normally large groups that
attend Michigan road games.”

— Bob Hunt


“I’m just going to come out and say it — Kyle
Orton is not nearly as good as everyone would have us believe.
Maybe it was Michigan’s defense, maybe it was the weather.
But I went to Purdue expecting to see the best college quarterback
I’ve seen in person since I saw Donovan McNabb run all over
Michigan in 1998, and instead I saw an average-to-good Big Ten
quarterback. Heisman favorite? I don’t think so. The only
long passes Orton completed came when Michigan was either a) In the
wrong coverage, or b) Didn’t have 11 guys on the field.
I’m disappointed in you, Kyle.”

— Chris Burke

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