Like everyone watching the game, The Michigan Daily football
writers tend to complain from time to time. This year, we decided
to share what’s bugging us. And, you, the reader, can join in, too.
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“Every opposing coach that plays against Michigan always
talks about how athletic and deep the Wolverines are. Things of
that nature really show up in a game like Saturday’s.
Minnesota tried to double-team Braylon Edwards, so Henne threw to
Jason Avant, Steve Breaston and the tight ends, who were all in
one-on-one coverage. In its last drive, Minnesota threw two
offensive linemen at Gabe Watson, so Pat Massey got a sack. The
reason Michigan is a favorite to win the conference — and
would be in the national-title hunt if the pollsters would ever
show some respect — is that, top-to-bottom, Michigan simply
has better players than just about anyone.”

— Chris Burke

“Anyone and everyone who booed Michigan at any point
during Saturday’s game should be ashamed of themselves.
Totally ridiculous. Michigan was playing its heart out against a
really good team (I repeat: A REALLY GOOD TEAM), and I can think of
at least three times I heard jeers. It’s even more ridiculous
when you take out your frustration on the special teams. Sure, they
have their ups and downs, but without Garret Rivas’s
miraculous field goal the game probably would have gone to
overtime, and Adam Finley has been great all year. So cut it

— Sharad Mattu

“When are we gonna take a page out of Colorado’s
book and start selling beer at the Big House. Then they could
afford 100 more Port-a-Potties to take care of the problem where
people can’t make it back until the beginning of the fourth

— Chris Wassmer, Engineering Senior

“How many times is Lloyd gonna watch Curry get beat deep
before he realizes that the DB situation is much worse when No. 30
is on the field. I say continue to use Mason and Hall (even if Hall
made a real bone-headed play when he decided to pull a Willie Mays
on punt return).”

— Ryan Ladley, LSA Senior

“Every fall, the person who takes the most scrutiny in Ann
Arbor is the Michigan quarterback. No one needs to remind Chad
Henne that there are certain expectations for him as Michigan QB.
However, that doesn’t mean he should ever get booed by the
Michigan faithful in the Big House. No one in the student section
should ever boo the Maize and Blue … period. But, the students
really shouldn’t boo their true freshman quarterback in a
tight game for holding onto the ball even if he does get sacked. I
remember how some students used to boo John Navarre for throwing
into coverage and getting picked off. When Chad steps back in the
pocket and sees all his receivers are covered and the opposing
linemen are in his face, would you rather he threw an interception
or took a sack and kept the ball? It really upsets me to see my QB
booed by his own fans for making a smart play.”

— Krista Vogt, Alum

“It was great to see Chad Henne use his entire receiving
corps like he did this week. I was disappointed after what happened
to Matt Gutierrez because I really felt that he deserved every
opportunity to be Michigan’s quarterback, but Henne’s
progress has amazed me. At first, he would lock onto Braylon
Edwards unless there was a play designed for another player. Now
he’s using all of his tools just as well as Navarre did. He
and Mike Hart have really turned this team forward.”

— Bob Hunt

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