Like everyone watching the game, The Michigan Daily football
writers tend to complain from time to time. This year, we decided
to share what’s bugging us. And, you, the reader, can join in, too.
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“Can anyone explain to me why this game started at 3:30
p.m.? This game had about as much place on network television as
the XFL. How ABC executives decided that a football game in
Bloomington should be broadcast to the masses is beyond me. What
they really should have done is start the game at 3:30 a.m., so the
Indiana students could head on over after the bars close. Hey,
there would have been more students than there was on

— Bob Hunt

“First off, thanks a lot to Indiana for barely running any
replays on the scoreboard. That made it real easy to tell what had
just happened. Want to see the replay of the Jermaine Gonzales
touchdown? Sorry, here’s a shot of four kids dancing in an
empty row. Great work, IU. As for what I could see happening
— Braylon Edwards blocks like he’s trying to earn a
spot on the roster. I thought he killed Indiana’s punter on
Leon Hall’s punt return. It’s pretty solid to see the
best receiver in college football going all out on special

— Chris Burke

“All season long, I’ve wondered how Michigan’s
defense would fare when it was unable to force any turnovers.
Though it was against Indiana, the Wolverines did pretty well. The
only good drives by the Hoosiers came on Michigan turnovers and
trick plays. Also, the defense’s inability to create
turnovers showed me that the offense can put together long drives.
Early in the game, Mike Hart ran the ball extremely well, getting
first down after first down, and Chad Henne throws the deep ball
amazingly well.”

— Sharad Mattu

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