Like everyone watching the game, The Michigan Daily football
writers tend to complain from time to time. This year, we decided
to share what’s bugging us. And, you, the reader, can join in, too.
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“Well I, for one, am pretty thankful Braylon Edwards came
back this year. Edwards has 26 of Michigan’s 55 catches, 350
of Michigan’s 578 receiving yards and four of
Michigan’s five touchdown grabs. It’s frightening to
think how much the Wolverines would be struggling if they
didn’t have Braylon to throw to every other down. Jason Avant
had one catch on Saturday, as many as Jermaine Gonzales. Avant must
feel like I do when the band wakes me up at 7:15 on a Saturday
morning, plays for 45 minutes, then takes a two-hour break.
Here’s a deal: Start at 9:30 next noon game and I’ll
buy you breakfast. Hash browns for everyone.”

— Chris Burke

“Well flag bearers, I see you made a change. But it was
NOT a change for the better. You went to the one-color look, but
that one color was neither maize nor blue. That one color was
purple?!? Last time I checked, I didn’t attend Northwestern.
Again, I want to express my deep passion for everything that the
Michigan band encompasses, but homeys and homettes on the flag crew
… why purple? When you guys enter the stadium waving the helmet
flags, you resemble the finest musical organization in the

— Gennaro Filice

“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but
those scores they show on the Michigan Stadium scoreboard are
ridiculously behind. For instance, at one point it said the score
was ‘West Virginia 7, Maryland 0, First Quarter.’ Five
minutes later they were showing halftime highlights on the press
box television. And so many times they’ve gotten the score
flat-out wrong. At the end of the third quarter, it said San Diego
State 24, Michigan 21. I guess if you can’t get the score of
the game right in front of you, other scores are pretty

— Sharad Mattu

“To the people who left with three minutes to go, you need
to be ashamed of yourselves. Do you realize that San Diego State
was close to winning that game? Besides, what the hell did you have
to do, anyway? Did you want to beat the rush out of the stadium?
Well folks, if you really cared about Michigan football, you would
stay for the final drive with the game on the line. But I do have
to give you some credit. You were better than the people who slept
through the game.”

— Bob Hunt

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