The Michigan Daily: Hi, I’m calling from The Michigan Daily and you’ve been selected to do this week’s Random Student Interview. Are you up for it?

Random: Sure.

TMD: OK, what’s your first name?

R: Esther.

TMD: First question: How was your weekend?

R: It was good.

TMD: What did you do for the fall study break?

R: I went home.

TMD: Where’s home?

R: Detroit.

TMD: What did you do there?

R: I went to my high school’s homecoming game.

TMD: Fair enough. Would you ever pose nude?

R: No.

TMD: Well, say you did. What would you want the name of the statue to be called?

R: “The Girl.”

TMD: “The Girl.” Who would you want to sculpt it?

R: Picasso because nobody would be able to tell it was me.

TMD: What do you think about Ludacris coming to town?

R: Very exciting.

TMD: Are you going?

R: I want to.

TMD: Well, tickets are rapidly decreasing in availability. Do you have hos in different area codes?

R: Hahaha, no I don’t.

TMD: Do you have hos in any area code?

R: Haha, no.

TMD: You don’t have any hos? What do you think he means by hos? Do you think he means like gardening tools?

R: Girls he can mess around with.

TMD: What’s your fantasy? Going with the Ludacris theme –

R: Haha, the Ludacris theme. Um – oh, he has this one line in one of his songs – he has a necklace as big as a midget around his neck or something. That would be cool.

TMD: So you’d want a midget necklace around your neck?

R: Yes.

TMD: OK, what do you think he means by no. one spot?

R: Probably something gross and sexual.

TMD: What about just like his status in society?

R: It could be, but I doubt it. His songs aren’t really political. They’re more –

TMD: They’re more about getting people to move out of the way in traffic.

R: Haha, yeah.

TMD: If there was a musical about your life, what would you want the big showstopping number to be called?

R: “Esther: The Musical.”

TMD: “Esther: The Musical?” With all the leg kicks and stuff?

R: Yeah, because everyone would know what it’s about.

TMD: Cool. What would the first line be?

R: Um – “Esther, Esther, she’s so cool.”

TMD: And then “da da da da da da,” right?

R: Exactly.

TMD: Now would there be a love interest in this musical?

R: There would be many, but she wouldn’t go for any of them.

TMD: Oh, would they be from different parts of the country? How about that?

R: Sure, why not?

TMD: Then you can say you had hos in different area codes.

R: That’s true!

TMD: It can be like a Rogers & Hammerstein musical. Do you have any embarrassing posters on the wall when you were younger?

R: Not really.

TMD: What about here at school? Who do you have on your wall?

R: Eminem.

TMD: Good choice. Anybody else?

R: No. My roommate does.

TMD: Who does she have?

R: She has a “Sex and the City” poster and Coldplay.

TMD: “Sex and the City?” Come on.

R: I like “Sex and the City!”

TMD: What’s so good about it?

R: It’s funny to watch. They talk about things that people don’t talk about.

TMD: And they have hos in different area codes, too, don’t they?

R: Oh, yes, they do.

TMD: I’m trying to get my roommates to go as the Seven Dwarves for Halloween. Do you think that’s a good costume?

R: Well, maybe if you have six other people.

TMD: Oh, I do. What dwarf do you think I would be good as?

R: I don’t know – Goofy?

TMD: Goofy? I would be Goofy?

R: If there is such a dwarf.

TMD: Oh, there is not a dwarf named Goofy. Goofy is the name of this dog on Mickey Mouse.

R: Happy. You would be Happy.

TMD: That would work. Do you think we should have a Snow White?

R: It would be funny if you dressed a guy like Snow White.

TMD: Yeah, but every time we went to somebody’s house, someone would collapse and we’d have to run off and find a prince or something.

R: Haha, I guess. You could have a doll. It might be easier.

TMD: So I would be Happy, and I would be lugging around a doll dressed like Snow White. That’s not odd at all.

R: It’s Halloween. You can do whatever you want.

TMD: That’s true. All right, thanks for doing this. Look for it in the magazine.

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