Welcome to the Random Student Interview, where we make fast friends.

Illustrations by Jeff Zuschlag

Hey you!


What’s up? I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever. How’s everything going?

Um …everything is really great. Can’t complain.

That’s so awesome to hear. What about the love life – got anyone new on board yet?

Well … um…you know. I’m playing the field a little bit. Can’t get tied down just yet.

You have never seen me before in your life, have you?

Oh gosh, I haven’t. I’m really sorry. You seemed so friendly when you approached, I didn’t want to, like, stop you or anything, you know? I didn’t want to be like “Hey, I’m really sorry, but how do I know you?” I thought that would be so douche-y. But um, wait, we’ve never actually met, right?

Nope. This is for The Statement’s Random Student Interview. I thought I’d have a little fun and pretend like we’ve actually met a hundred times and make you feel dumb. Sorry.

(Laughs) No! That’s super OK and funny! Ha. Good one, I guess.

I will note your sarcasm in the interview. Anyway, now that we already know each other, let’s just jump right into it. What do you think about Gchatting?

Gchat as in Gmail chatting? I don’t have a Gmail account, so I don’t use it that much. But if it’s like Facebook chatting, then I think it’s a little personal. But it’s definitely convenient during work to get information from your co-workers and it makes it a lot quicker than using solely e-mail.

Do you use Facebook chat?

I don’t personally use it, but if someone Facebook chats me I will respond. I think people are always sitting on Facebook doing nothing during downtime and if someone pops up to talk to you, it kind of interrupts whatever you’re doing. You’re always connected and always on.

Facebook chat kind of creeps me out. Like, while you’re chatting with the person you can also conveniently check out what they did two summers ago.

It’s like an invasion of space. You’re doing your own thing and then someone is there to talk to you. And usually it’s randoms that I don’t really speak to. If I wanted to talk to my friends, I’d use I-chat or text or call. Why Facebook chat? It’s already a stalker website. This just makes it even more accessible for your rapist to find you.

(Laughs) Well, hopefully you’re not dumb enough to let that happen. Changing gears. What do you think about tuition at Michigan?

For an institute that provides such higher education I think it’s appropriate. Part of the appeal of coming here is the professors and the facilities, and that comes from the money we pay. We put into it what we want to get out. But I don’t think it’s fair that in-state kids pay significantly less than we do.

So do you think that out-of-state should be charged less or in-state charged more?

It should be equal. It’s not like the kids out-of-state are getting more or the kids in-state are getting less. We’re exposed to the same materials, the same resources – it should be across the board. I think it’s not fair.

What do you think about how tuition increases after a certain number of credits?

I don’t think it should be a scaled thing. It’s just an excuse to charge us more. You need an expected amount of credits to graduate, so you can’t avoid paying more. And, if you came in from high school with credits then you have to pay more earlier on. It’s a flawed system.

And then there are the books, the supplies, the computers …

In Great Britain, you only pay around 1,000 pounds because the government pays for most of it.

Do you think that’s a better system?

It’s better for us financially, but then again, the quality you receive isn’t on par with the U.S. Maybe they don’t have computers everywhere and the resources we have here. I’m not saying I oppose Michigan’s tuition, but it definitely is hard for the majority of people to pay.

– Sam is an LSA junior.

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