Welcome to the Random Student Interview, where it’s not our first time at the rodeo.

Illustrations by Jeff Zuschlag

Howdy, partner!

I wasn’t aware we were at a rodeo.

Me either, but your hat suggests otherwise.

Oh yeah! I guess I forgot to take it off. I had a presentation for a class and wore this.

Must’ve been an interesting presentation. What class was this for?

It’s not really related to the class. I think I just chose to wear this hat because I liked it. Now you’re making me feel really stupid in it, though.

On the contrary – I’m a big fan of cowboy hats. They’re very Britney Spears circa 2005. Anyway, did you check out Bruce Conforth’s Golden Apple lecture?

Yeah. I actually went to the MTV taped production of it. It was at the Business School. It was really inspiring, not to be cheesy. He’s the man. He just gets it, no bullshit. I never had him as a teacher but I’m hoping to take his class next year if I can get into it.

Yeah, he’s like a celebrity. It’s nice the school honors teachers like him. Have you seen “American Reunion” yet?

No, but I need to get around to it. I wish I went to that Q&A after the screening at the theater. I waited in line forever. My friends and I tried to make a buddy system where we rotated who had to wait on line, but I ended up not making it in, which sucked so hard. I’m a huge fan of “American Pie.” Those movies are classics.

I cannot even imagine what they’re going to put into that movie. I hope it lives up to the hype. So what’s the move to wrap up the end of the year?

I’m trying to eat and go to as many places as possible. I know I have a year left, but when the end of the year comes I still get nostalgic. My girlfriend and I want to go to the Raven’s Club on a Wednesday night or Blue Lep karaoke. I heard you have to tip the karaoke guys to actually sing, though, because the lines so long.

And I have to make it to Rick’s now that I’m finally 21.

Rick’s gets rowdy. It’s one of my favorite places. There’s a bartender there that wears a shirt that says, “What’s Your O-Face?”

Dude, my girlfriend would not like this innuendo.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

(Laughs nervously) Nah, I’m not a good sharer.

I bet that bartender gets a lot of awesome lines about that shirt. And tips.

I used to be a waiter at a pub back at home and I’d always wear stupid shirts like that. It promotes conversation, which is always nice. And yes, tips. I’d wear those stupid ones with terrible puns on the back or those gross ones with pictures. One time I got in trouble.

Wanna tell me an example of one of these shirts?

I don’t know, they’re really bad. One says “I tried it at home” and has a picture of a dead guy with blood spurting out of his head. Stupid but kind of funny.

(Laughs) I get it. I’m sure you’re not telling me about the others in your extensive collection. So, what are your plans for the summer?

I got an internship in New York, so that’s pretty exciting. It’s at a finance company and I’m hoping it turns into a job when I graduate. I’ve never lived in New York. The internship doesn’t start until June and it goes through August.

Finance does not sound exciting. Don’t you have to work really hard this summer? Sorry, I sound like an ass. I guess it’s pretty legit if you get a job out of it. Still though, I’d rather have a stupid one that’s only three days a week. I guess I’m just bitter about having to graduate and get a real job. Don’t rush into it!

(Laughs) No, I understand. I don’t really want to work that much, but it’s kind of what I’m conditioned to do.

Well, as long as you can wear your cowboy hat to work, I think you’ll be OK.

– Max is a Business junior.

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