Welcome to the Random Student Interview, where we’re secure enough with our masculinities to wear purple whenever we please.

So what do you got there in your pocket? That looks tasty.

A big bag of candy.

What kind?

Sour Patch Kids.

Seems a bit weird, eating kid-shaped candy.

They’re delicious.

Is that how you like to start off every Friday night, with a big bag of child-shaped candy?

Actually, I’m going to be at the library. That’s not ideally how I’d like to spend any evening, but I have an exam on Tuesday.

Oh. What subject?


Ick. That’s totally outside of my realm of understanding. How does one study for an Engineering exam?

Uh, just go over all of the homework you’ve done throughout the semester and after that maybe the professor will give you a practice exam, which sadly isn’t the case for this particular class. Anyway, typically you’d just work through the practice exam and try to make sure you understand how to do all of the problems, which isn’t hard because they usually give you an answer key. If you can actually do those problems without looking at the solutions, then you’re all set.

See, as an English major, there’s hardly ever really a ‘correct’ answer.

There’s not a correct answer in all of our classes. We have to back up what we’re doing.

Do you ever get to build things or is it all problem sets?

Yeah. Sometimes.

So, I notice you’re wearing purple. As you can see by my hair, I’m a huge fan of the color. What do you think about men wearing purple or pink?

Real men can pull it off. That’s why I’m wearing it. Maybe an all-pink outfit would be a little too much, but I don’t know.

So no one’s ever given you shit for it?


Because you’d kick their asses?

(Laughs) This is actually my brother’s shirt. I stole it before I came back to school.

How old is your brother?

He’s a senior in high school.

Well, you both have a great fashion sense. Want to help me out with something?


What do you think about this dress? I bought three today at H&M and I don’t know if I want to wear this out.

What’s the occasion?

I’m going to my friend’s birthday and then maybe the Heidelberg on Main Street.

Oh I’ve been to the Heidelberg. I played blackjack there once.

Do they have tournaments and whatnot?

Yeah. Upstairs.

(His roommate Mike walks by)

Mike: Hey Justin!

Hey, we’re doing a Random Student Interview. Do you want to join?

Justin: He’s actually my roommate.

Oh cool! What are you doing tonight, roomie?

Mike: Studying for an exam I have Tuesday.

Justin: We’re in the same class.

Nice. You guys should study together!

Justin: Oh, we will.

Look! There’s University President Mary Sue Coleman. We should get her in on this.

– Justin and Mike are Engineering juniors.

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