The Michigan Daily: Hi, I’m calling from The Michigan Daily and you’ve been selected to do this week’s Random Student Interview. Are you up for it?

Random: Yeah.

TMD: Wonderful. Do you even know what this is?

R: No.

TMD: It’s a little feature that appears in The Statement magazine every Thursday – where we call somebody, ask them a whole bunch of question and it shows up in the paper.

R: OK.

TMD: First question is: How was your Thanksgiving?

R: My Thanksgiving was great.

TMD: What did you do?

R: I have a place on Torch Lake, Michigan and I went up there with my family.

TMD: What was your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?

R: I love Thanksgiving meal, but my favorite part was probably the stuffing.

TMD: What do you put in the stuffing that makes it good?

R: I don’t even know. It’s just so good. (To roommate) Why do I like stuffing? It’s delicious.

TMD: Wait wait wait. Why did you have to ask someone why you like stuffing?

R: Haha, because

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