The Michigan Daily: Hi, I’m calling from The Michigan Daily and you’ve been selected to do the Random Student Interview. Would you like to do it?

R: Yeah, sure.

TMD: All right, nice. What’s your name?

R: Leslie.

TMD: All right, Leslie. How was your weekend?

R: It was good.

TMD: And did you do anything exciting?

R: I went to the football game.

TMD: And how’d you enjoy that?

R: It was fun. Really fun.

TMD: Why, did you have some money on Minnesota like I did?

R: No, I was counting on Michigan actually.

TMD: I figured out if you bet on the other team you’re always going to win.

R: Haha.

TMD: Are you so sad that you’re not going to go to The Brown Jug anymore?

R: Not that sad, but it was really depressing like the rest of the games don’t matter anymore.

TMD: Have you ever had a weird encounter with a celebrity or with a really lame celebrity?

R: A celebrity? I met Dreamstreet once, but I don’t think that counts, though.

TMD: Yeah, I don’t even know who that is.

R: I met Nick Carter once. Well I saw him. I don’t know if that counts.

TMD: Where’d you see Nick Carter?

R: He came to an old abandoned church that was changed into a nightclub, and it was cool.

TMD: And was he just as hot in person as he in his video?

R: Oh yeah, definitely.

TMD: And were there 13-year-old girls all over him?

R: Yep.

TMD: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done while drunk?

R: Oh God. Um, oh man.

TMD: You might want to ask your friends since you probably can’t remember.

R: Is this going to be printed?

TMD: Yeah, but we’ll only have your first name, not your last name.

R: Oh man, there’s so many. I’ve woken up next to someone not knowing their name.

TMD: Had you done anything?

R: I’m sure I had.

TMD: And you couldn’t remember at all?

R: Not at all.

TMD: How’d the guy respond?

R: It was pretty awkward.

TMD: Did you ever talk to him again?

R: Oh, no.

TMD: How about when you see each other, do you give him a little head nod or wave?

R: We don’t pretend we see each other. I’ve only run into him like twice.

TMD: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

R: If I could have any superpower, I would fly. That would be my superpower.

TMD: Why would you want to fly?

R: Because that would be cool.

TMD: Would you be traveling places or are you just trying to be a Peeping Tom?

R: Oh, I just want to fly. Yeah, I’d go everywhere. I’d travel.

TMD: How about the ability to read really fast? Would you be impressed if you met a guy who could do that?

R: Yeah that would be pretty cool, haha.

TMD: How far can you jump?

R: How far can I jump? Maybe five feet.

TMD: All right, can you think of any situation where this information would be useful.

R: I need this information? No I can’t, I’m sorry.

TMD: It’s OK, I don’t know either. If your life were a TV show, what would it be?

R: Um, “Stupid Things Teenage Girls Do.”

TMD: Is that like “Girls Gone Wild?”

R: Yeah, pretty much.

TMD: What’s the dirtiest joke you know?

R: Oh, I don’t know one off the top of my head, sorry.

TMD: How about the best knock-knock joke?

R: Um, the one where you say “orange you glad I didn’t say banana.”

TMD: All right, here’s a hypothetical situation. You’ve got to do one of the two. If you had to have sex with the ugliest person in the world – like a 95-year-old, just dirty, with boils all over him and weighing like a lot – or have sex with the best looking gorilla in the world, which would you choose?

R: Hmm. Probably the ugly person. I’m sorry.

TMD: It’s all right, I guess you wouldn’t be breaking any laws, too. Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween?

R: I want to be – I don’t know – probably a Playboy Bunny or something along the lines of that.

TMD: And what were you last year?

R: Last year I think I was a cheerleader.

TMD: And were you like a hot cheerleader?

R: Oh yeah. Of course.

TMD: And did your dad know you dressed up as that?

R: Oh no, no, no.

TMD: All right, well that’s all the questions I have. Thanks a lot and look for this on Thursday.

R: That was really random.

TMD: Yeah, that’s kind of the point.

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