Welcome to the Random Student Interview, where a student’s name is just as interesting as her major.

Illustrations by Jeff Zuschlag

Your last name (Nations) is that the plural form, like with an “s” at the end?

Yeah, like the United ones.

So you’re a Classical Civ major? That sounds kind of intense. What does “Civ” even stand for?

It’s Classical Civilizations, like history. We basically study ancient Greek and Roman history.

And what do you hope to do with that?

Be a curator at a museum. (Laughs) No, I’m joking – I’m actually pre-law.

Well, I’m really bad with politics, but that major sounds like it’ll help you learn about democracy. You would know this better than I would.

Well, (the United States) got ideas from Roman laws.

So do you have an internship lined up for this summer?

Not yet, no. I’m still looking.

What kinds of internships are open to pre-law people?

Not really anything, because big law firms don’t take summer interns unless they’re in law school. So you can just hope to get one in Washington D.C. with some politician, which is the most likely route students go with, or you can do stuff in business because there aren’t any prerequisites for law school besides the LSAT.

The LSAT is so brutal – not like I would know personally – but my roommate took it. As a sophomore, have you started thinking about it?

Well, yes, but I haven’t started thinking about preparation for it. I’m going abroad in a year, next winter, so probably after that.

Where do you want to go abroad?

Paris. I’ve been there before, but not nearly long enough.

Do you speak French?

Yeah, I’m minoring in French.

So that’ll help you when you want to be, like, the French ambassador or something.

(Laughs) Yeah, exactly.

Do you know what kind of law you want to practice?

No, something probably with international relations, but I’m not positive.

So something vaguely resembling your name.

(Laughs) I have yet to meet another “Nations” on this campus.

Well, my last name is Argintar so I never meet anyone with my name. There’s actually only eight Argintars in this world.

How do you know that?

My uncle likes to tell me that – he’s a bit odd. You could probably Google it, though.


Where are you headed to next?

Well, I have every single class except for one in Mason Hall this year.

That could be good or bad, I guess. At least you get to go through the Diag all the time and see what’s up.

– “Nations” is an LSA sophomore.

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