Welcome to the Random Student Interview, where we … ugh, is it Thanksgiving break yet?

Illustrations by Megan Mulholland

So what’s the interview about?

I don’t know. Let’s talk about Thanksgiving, because that’s like, topical.


Ugh, never mind. That’s boring. What’s being in Kinesiology like?

I like it. Some people think it’s easy because it’s sports-based.

I’d never think that.

But I only think it’s easy for me because it’s interesting stuff. I’m interested in sports, so it’s easy to learn about them.

What’s your favorite sport?



Because I’ve always played it.

I don’t like baseball. How would you sell me on liking baseball?

Play it.

I can’t play it, so that’s probably why I don’t like it.


Do you get crap for that Yankees shirt?

Yeah. I actually went to the World Series game against the Tigers and people were pretty pissed off.

Where are you from?


Oh, that makes sense of it.

My uncle does some stuff for the Yankees.

Oh! Do you think you have an in there for after you graduate?

I hope so.

Just show up with your degree, like “Hey, uncle! Who’s your favorite nephew?”


So are you excited for the football game (against Iowa) tomorrow? Do you have tickets?


It’s my last home game.



It’s Denard’s last one too.

It’s really sad!

Yeah. He said he’s playing though.

Do you think it’s socially acceptable to cry about it?


OK. Like at the end or during the whole game?

The end.

OK. I’ll try to hold it together. I kind of have a cold so I’m trying to be as lazy as possible to feel great by tomorrow. I’d rather be sick for Thanksgiving break. I guess we can talk about that now. Snore. Are you excited to go home? You are going home, right?

Yeah. That’s the plan. We’re trying to get a cheap ticket.



Isn’t it a bit late? You might have to hitchhike to Connecticut.

It’s a bit far.

What day would you like to get home?

Tuesday night.

You had your Wednesday classes cancelled too? I don’t even know why they bother. I guess if break started on Wednesday then they’d just cancel Tuesday classes and it has to end somewhere. Yeah, this is boring. We should stop. Have a good day.

—Eric is a Kinesiology freshman.

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