Welcome to the random student interview, where we make one student incredibly uncomfortable for your enjoyment.

I see you’re wearing a Tiger’s hat. Are you going to watch the game today?


Isn’t the game on right now?


Passerby: Yes!

I got this hat last semester. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s probably on today.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s a game on today. Why are you wearing the hat if you don’t know when the games are on?

Because there’s a lot of sun, so I want to protect myself from the sunburn.

OK then. Well it’s a good hat to wear because they’re number one right now.

Yeah, and I like pink. (Gestures to pink hat.)

So even if you didn’t know, it’s a very good hat to be wearing considering our awesome record right now.
So, did you go to the football game on Saturday?


And what did you do to celebrate?

I went tailgating with friends.

I thought that was before the game. Did you keep tailgating after? Are you that hardcore?

Uh, no actually we had a couple beers after the game to celebrate.

OK, that’s nice. So, you’re a master’s student. What kind of seating do you get because you are a master’s student? Are you like front row? Are you on the sidelines?

No, I think it’s far away from the stadium kind of.

Oh, so they actually like put you in the back? Do they think you can see better because you graduated undergrad? Do you have super-vision from graduating undergrad?

(Laughs) No, but I have glasses so…

So you do have super-vision. What did you think was the best moment of the game?

I remember in the last eight seconds there was a touchdown by Notre Dame, then we kind of traded back and so in the last two seconds we had the last touchdown.

Yeah. Here’s what I thought was more impressive: Did you notice that they played that White Stripes’ song about 20 times in that eight seconds?

I did not notice that.

That one song. You know. That one song. It goes, duh dun dun dun dun duhhh, dun duh dun dun dun duh duh duh

Oh, yeah yeah yeah.

Do you like that song?

That was a pretty good part too.

Yeah, I think it’s a pretty good pump-up song, but do you think they overdid it at all?

No, considering we won and all.

So we just keep on going. So, it’s Sunday. Have you done all of your homework?

No, that’s why I’m going to school.

Where do you like to do your homework?

At Ross because I am studying at Ross.

So what’s the environment like at Ross? Do you guys have some sort of secret super study area? And I’ve heard that your gym kicks ass so I bet study rooms kick ass too.

It’s actually a group study, so…


Because, like, most of our courses assign us to different groups so we do our group study at Ross, usually in a library or in a classroom.

And they schedule that for Sunday so you can party the whole weekend?

(Laughs) No, it’s like because we have a lot of assignments and everyone can meet up.

OK, I get that. So when do you think you’re going to roll out of the study session? Is it going to be like 3 in the morning or what?

Usually it starts in the afternoon because we had the football game yesterday and everyone was celebrating so I don’t think anyone could wake up in the morning.

Yeah. Did you have a hard time waking up?

I did. I woke up at 12.

Oh. Well, that’s pretty early for me. I wouldn’t be awake if I didn’t have to do this interview.

— Christina is a masters student in the Ross School of Business.

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