The Michigan Daily: Hi, is Lauren there?

Random: Um, hold on. She’s not here, can I ask who’s calling?

TMD: My name is Jeremy Davidson, I’m calling to do the Random Student Interview. Do you mind if I ask you some random questions for the interview?

R: Sure, that’s fine.

TMD: OK, what’s your name?

R: Amanda.

TMD: Are you familiar with the survey?

R: No.

TMD: Well every week the Daily puts out a magazine that comes out called The Statement. It’s almost basically exactly like the old magazine Weekend, except it’s a lot better right now, and is totally different. We call a random student from the directory, and ask them all kinds of random questions.

R: OK.

TMD: All right, so first question: How was your Halloween?

R: It was good.

TMD: What did you dress up as?

R: Well, I’m in a sorority, but I didn’t really go out with them. But our costumes were devils.

TMD: Oh, you guys were all devils?

R: Yeah, they were devils, but I kind of did my own variation of that.

TMD: That’s cool. Did you get tired of seeing girls dressed up like slutty pirates or slutty bees or slutty soldiers or slutty animals?

R: I’d agree. Some of the costumes were pretty extreme, in terms of the sluttiness.

TMD: Would you agree with the “Mean Girls” philosophy that Halloween is just an excuse for girls to wear lingerie and animal ears?

R: No.

TMD: Who was your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

R: Ummm –

TMD: Do you remember their names?

R: Maybe if you say them I will remember

TMD: Well my favorite was Michelangelo. He was the orange one.

R: Yeah, I was thinking of that

TMD: Yeah he’s definitely the best one. Well, I’m from St. Louis. Do you mind if I give you a little quiz about the Lou?

R: That’s fine.

TMD: Do you know what state St. Louis is in?

R: Uh, Missouri?

TMD: Right on. Cool. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say St. Louis?

R: Umm, Cardinals?

TMD: Excellent, most people would have said the Arch or Nelly. Can you name any Cardinal’s players?

R: Martis? No no no, Pujols.

TMD: What do you think about that name?

R: I dunno. I just remember watching him against the Astros.

TMD: What did you think about that series?

R: It was really good.

TMD: Does that name make you giggle at all? Or is that just stupid?

R: No, not really.

TMD: OK, so are you a baseball fan?

R: Yeah, I like the Angels. I’m from L.A.

TMD: So you like Vladimir Guerrero?

R: Yeah.

TMD: Who do you think would win in a fight between Vladimir Guerrero and Pujols?

R: Definitely Pujols.

TMD: What do you think would happen?

R: What would happen?

TMD: Yeah, like how would it go, how would they get in a fight?

R: I dunno maybe they would compete over something, like who has the better ERA or –

TMD: Pujols or Guerrero, competing over the better ERA.?

R: OK, I don’t know.

TMD: Maybe home runs.

R: Yeah, maybe home runs.

TMD: So what classes are you taking?

R: Spanish, History –

TMD: Are either of those your major?

R: Yeah, maybe a History major and a Spanish minor.

TMD: Are either of these going to be your major?

R: Yeah, maybe a History major and a Spanish minor.

TMD: You have any characters in your class?

R: Is this like, going in the newspaper?

TMD: Yeah, you’ll be able to read this tomorrow.

R: Seriously?

TMD: No, actually I’m just some weirdo who found you on Facebook.

R: Yeah, I mean, you just randomly called Lauren up, and got stuck talking to me.

TMD: After this you can start a Facebook group, “I’ve been randomly interviewed for the Random Student Interview.” So what made you come to Michigan from California?

R: A lot of things. I wanted to go to the B-School, and my dad is from the Midwest –

TMD: It’s not too cold for you here?

R: No, it’s not too bad.

TMD: Do you have Ugg boots for the cold?

R: (sigh) Yes.

TMD: Do they work?

R: Yeah, they’re warm. I don’t like the way they look though. I just like them because they’re comfortable and warm. I got them as a gift.

TMD: You don’t like the style though?

R: No, I’m not a fan. I hate it when girls wear them with short mini-skirts.

TMD: So what’s your favorite college mascot? You can’t say the Wolverines though.

R: Trojans.

TMD: Why, does that make you giggle?

R: No, it does not make me giggle. I just like USC. Even though I shouldn’t.

TMD: I see. What about Stanford, their mascot is like a tree, right?

R: Yeah, or there’s like UC Santa Barbara is the Banana Slugs, or Irvine is the Anteaters, and UC Davis is the Aggies –

TMD: The aggies?!?

R: Yeah

TMD: What’s an aggie?

R: It’s a horse.

TMD: Why don’t they just call themselves the horses?

R: I dunno, maybe it makes them giggle when they see aggies.

TMD: That could be. What’s with all the weird mascots in California?

R: I dunno, they don’t take sports too seriously, so I guess they don’t need serious mascots.

TMD: Maybe. Or maybe they just like to giggle.

R: Yeah, maybe.

TMD: All right, well thanks for your help. Look for this tomorrow.

R: OK, bye.

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