Welcome to the Random Student Interview, where the line between journalistic integrity and personal boundaries becomes blurred.

Who is DeAndree Watson?

Uh, the new MSA president.

Who is Brendan Campbell?

The new vice president.

Can you name three things MSA does?


What is your take on JELL-O shots?

I like them.

Are you going to get down on Friday? Are you looking forward to the weekend, weekend? Friday, Friday?


Do you like Backstreet Boys?

Yes. But *NSYNC’s better.

Really? Why?

I don’t know. They were just better when I was a kid.

Were they hotter?


Did your mom buy you CDs for them?

Yes, I went to the concert.

You went to the *NSYNC concert?

Yes, in sixth grade.

Did you rip off your shirt? Throw it around?


Did anything exciting happen?

I was on the upstairs. I couldn’t jump on the stage. I made a sign for Justin Timberlake though.

What did it say?

I don’t know, like “I love you JT.” Something along that.

What is Twitter?

Social networking?

Do you tweet?


Would you ever tweet?


Do you know why people tweet?


Why would you tweet then?

If I had anything important to say.

You think it’s for people with important things to say?

It should be, but it’s not.

Why should it be?

Cause if you have ideas you should get them out there, but —

Shouldn’t you hold them to yourself as intellectual property? You don’t want someone else to steal your idea. Imagine if you tweeted about this like great new idea, you know—

But not like revolutionary ideas just like what you think, like political —

Political — so all political thoughts should be said?

No, not necessarily in that forum.

Well what types of political shows do you watch or listen to?

I watch News Nightly and Stephen Colbert. John Stewart I watch every night.

Would you call yourself a Republican?


Do you read The Michigan Daily?


Do you read The New York Times?

Yes. I read it on my iPhone. Both of them.

What’s your favorite game on your iPhone?

I just play Solitaire a lot. I have Angry Birds, but I’m not that great at it so…

Don’t you think you should practice? There is a big Angry Birds tournament coming up.




If there were, would you try and practice?

No, I’m not good enough for it.

You could practice. You can stop going to class for a week.

I don’t have any class anyway.

You don’t have any class?

Two classes.

How many credit hours is that?


Isn’t that still a lot, isn’t that five hours of class?


So, I mean you could skip those five hours of class and play Angry Birds instead.

I could play in class.

So why don’t you start doing that?

Uh, I don’t want to.

Can I come to your class and coach you?


Faygo or Big K?

I don’t know what either or those are. Oh the drink?


I only know what Faygo is. I’ve never heard of Big K.

It’s the K-Mart brand soda.


It’s the really cheap ones the RA buys you when you’re in the dorms.

Oh my RA sucked. We never got anything.

Can you describe yourself without using the letter S?

Caring. I thought you just meant one word.

Well multiple words is fine.

I don’t know. Um, thoughtful, caring.

Do you want to make a complete sentence?

No, not without the letter.

What is the best place on campus to bump uglies?

To bump uglies?

You know bump, grind, get naked and do the horizontal mambo?

Um, Skeeps?

— Jillian is an Engineering senior.

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