The Michigan Daily: Hey, whom am I speaking with?

Random: Amy.

TMD: Hey, Amy. How are you?

R: Good.

TMD: I’m calling from The Michigan Daily. You have been selected for this week’s Random Student Interview from a list of thousands. Would you like to participate?

R: Um – sure.

TMD: So, Halloween is this weekend. Got any big plans?

R: Well, I have a big test on Tuesday so I’m going to pick like one day to go out.

TMD: And what are you going to do on that day?

R: I’m going to meet up with friends and wear a costume and go to some parties.

TMD: Oh, I see. What’s the scariest thing you can remember happening to you on Halloween?

R: Oh, well my neighbor was like – he had this really weird voice and he’d been in a lot of car accidents – like his shoulder was all weird and his face was all weird and he was just like a scary guy. He would like yell at us because he didn’t believe in Halloween, so he would yell at us and tell us not to come into his yard. It would freak the hell out of us.

TMD: OK, making fun of disabled people. How old were you?

R: I’m 19. Oh, back then? I was like seven or something.

TMD: That’s more understandable. Did you ever try snorting Pixie Stix?

R: No, actually, I have never tried snorting sugar. I like to eat sugar though.

TMD: I guess that works, however it gets in the blood stream. When did it become totally uncool to go trick-or-treating?

R: I don’t think it’s ever uncool.

TMD: Exactly. I’m still going. Do you have an idea for what your costume is going to be?

R: It depends. I’m either going to be like a referee

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