The Michigan Daily: Hi, is Lauren there?

Random: Yes.

TMD: Hey, what’s up? I’m calling from The Michigan
Daily and you’ve been selected to do this week’s Random
Student Interview.

R: Sweet!

TMD: Yeah, do you got a few minutes?

R: Sure.

TMD: All right, first off: How was your fall break?

R: It was fabulous.

TMD: What did you do?

R: Just hung out with my family and went shopping and ate a lot
of food.

TMD: Did you make any of the food that you ate?

R: Yes, I did.

TMD: Did you bake a pie?

R: No, I made a cake actually. Chocolate chip.

TMD: Ooohh.

R: It was very good.

TMD: Did you go on any haunted hayrides or haunted houses or
stuff like that?

R: No, I didn’t.

TMD: Some of them are pretty scary. I don’t go on them
because I’m afraid of …tractors.

R: Hahaha, you’re afraid of tractors?

TMD: Yeah, little fear. First question: Who’s scarier:
Mini-Me or the Oompa-Loompas?

R: The Oompa-Loompas.

TMD: Because of that song?

R: Yeah, I think it’s maybe the orange face and the green
hair … I don’t know … I’ve always been a
little bit scared of them.

TMD: Yeah, they should show that instead of
“Halloween” or “Friday the 13.” Just show
the Oompa-Loompas and I wouldn’t sleep at night.

R: Hahaha.

TMD: Next question. Who’s the better captain: Captain
Crunch or Captain Morgan?

R: Um … Captain Morgan. I really don’t like Captain

TMD: What’s your favorite kind of cereal.

R: I’m a big fan of Special K.

TMD: Special K?!? That’s like the blandest cereal you can

R: Haha, I like it! It’s good.

TMD: So why not Total?

R: I don’t think I’ve ever tried Total.

TMD: You should try. It’s got all those vitamins and
nutrients and stuff.

R: Maybe the next time I do some grocery shopping, I’ll
pick up some Total.

TMD: And then you’ll think of me?

R: Yep.

TMD: Aww, you’re too kind. Have you ever seen that show
“Pimp My Ride” on MTV?

R: I have.

TMD: Now if Xzibit knocked on your door, would you freak out and
be like “OH MY GOD!” and then hug him and knock him
down and stuff?

R: No, I don’t think I would jump on Xzibit and hug him. I
would be happy, but I wouldn’t freak out.

TMD: Are you scared of Xzibit?

R: Maybe a little. I’m afraid of a lot of things.

TMD: Do you have a car that’s bad enough to be on
“Pimp My Ride?”

R: I have a ’94 Geo, so I think yes, I do.

TMD: Do you think they’d be able to pimp that out?

R: They could try. I’d like to see that.

TMD: Do you think there would be room for a Jacuzzi in the

R: Maybe if they expanded it a little bit, maybe.

TMD: Just a little bit. Are you excited for Halloween?

R: I’m very excited.

TMD: Do you have a costume picked out yet?

R: Nope, I haven’t decided yet.

TMD: Last year, I wasn’t going to dress up, but I ended up
dressing up as a woman.

R: Really?

TMD: Yeah, it was uh … quite exciting to see.

R: I’m glad it worked out for you.

TMD: Oh yeah, it was great. So no ideas yet?

R: Um, no not yet.

TMD: You’re not going to go with the generic Scream
costume, are you?

R: Oh no no no.

TMD: What about Jessica Simpson?

R: Hmmm … I don’t know if I could pull that

TMD: What about Ashley Simpson? That could be easier.

R: Maybe.

TMD: Do you do pranks on people for Halloween?

R: No, not usually.

TMD: Has anyone ever pranked you?

R: Not for Halloween. For April Fool’s Day, a couple of my
friends told everyone they hooked up and freaked us out and we
thought they were going out. It was all a big joke.

TMD: Wow, that sounds pretty scary.

R: Yeah.

TMD: Do you still go around and collect candy from people?

R: No, not anymore.

TMD: Didn’t you used to hate those people who gave away
pennies instead of candy?

R: I never got pennies. I used to get apples and health food and

TMD: I got pennies every year. It was real depressing to come
home and find out I got 17 cents.

R: So not worth the time.

TMD: Exactly. What’s the better name for an alcoholic
drink: A Suck Me Beautiful or a Screaming Orgasm?

R: I’d go with the Screaming Orgasm.

TMD: Yeah, that would be great. Has anyone ever said to you
“I’ll give you a Screaming Orgasm?”

R: Haha, I don’t think anyone has ever said that to

TMD: Has anyone ever said to you: “Suck Me

R: Haha, no.

TMD: Haha, you should try that sometime. What do you think will
come back in style first: the coonskin cap or the toga?

R: I hope neither.

TMD: Why not the toga?

R: Well, you could work that for Halloween. That would be
acceptable. Definitely not the coonskin cap.

TMD: But Daniel Boone wore one. Or was that Davy Crockett?

R: I really don’t know. I don’t think anyone should
strive to look like either of them.

TMD: Not a fan of the “Explorers of the Wilderness,”
are you? Who was a better old guy mentor: Mr. Feeny or Mr.

R: Mr. Feeny.

TMD: Not Mr. Miyagi? He could teach you all those karate moves
and get his house redone at the same time.

R: I just love “Boy Meets World.”

TMD: So do I. Did you think Cory and Topanga were a better
couple than Zack and Kelly?

R: Yes, they were cuter. Maybe a little bit more realistic.

TMD: And Topanga never cheated on Cory like Kelly did!

R: Exactly!

TMD: That was horrible. When they broke up on Halloween, I
almost cried.

R: I’m sorry.

TMD: I got over it, though. They got back together.

R: Of course they did.

TMD: Who’s a cooler guy named Toby: Tobey Maguire or Toby

R: Tobey Maguire.

TMD: Yeah, gotta go with Spiderman. What’s a better ode to
an animal: “Who Let The Dogs Out” or
“What’s New, Pussycat?”

R: I can’t say I like either of those songs.

TMD: Have you ever heard “What’s New,

R: I’m sure I have heard it at some point.

TMD: It goes like this: (singing) What’s new, pussycat?
Whoa whoa whoaaaaaa.

R: Haha, thank you. Yeah, I guess “Who Let The Dogs
Out” is a little bit more fun.

TMD: Just because my singing was that bad?

R: Yes, that’s exactly it.

TMD: Ouch.

R: I’m just kidding, you know that.

TMD: Yeah, I hope so. Maybe now you’ll never get your ride

R: Haha, all because of that?

TMD: Yeah, me and Xzibit are boys. Which pet would you rather
have: Lassie or Curious George?

R: Curious George.

TMD: Yeah, unless you were stuck in a well, Lassie
couldn’t really do a lot for you. And Curious George …
I mean …

R: A smart little monkey.

TMD: And he had The Man in the Yellow Hat. Do you think The Man
in the Yellow Hat never got any women because he wore the yellow

R: Haha, it’s quite possible.

TMD: Do you think he should have wore something else?

R: Maybe like a normal baseball hat.

TMD: Yeah, like a backwards hat. He could wear it sideways.

R: Yeah, The Man in the Yellow Hat would go all ghetto.

TMD: Do you own an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot

R: I do not. Yellow is not really my color.

TMD: What about polka dot?

R: Maybe.

TMD: What about the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny part?

R: I do own a bikini.

TMD: Is it a two-piece or a one-piece?

R: Two.

TMD: Oh, because they don’t make one piece, do they?
Right! Well, thanks for doing this and look for it in Weekend on

R: Thank you.

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