Random: Hello.

The Michigan Daily: Jennifer?

R: Yes, this is her.

TMD: Hi, Jennifer, I’m from The Michigan Daily and I’m calling about the random student interview, do you have a few minutes?

R: Yeah, sure.

TMD: You’ll have to ease me into this, I’m new. Feels like spring outside, doesn’t it?

R: Yeah, it does.

TMD: Do you think it’s too early for shorts?

R: No, ’cause I wore shorts when I went running today.

TMD: That’s cool, I suppose, but can I wear shorts to class?

R: No, it’s too cold. You’d get weird looks.

TMD: What if I’m used to getting weird looks, though?

R: Then, I guess I’d say go with it.

TMD: When’s the perfect time to throw the sweaters out?

R: As soon as the sun comes out.

TMD: Doesn’t it come out most days?

R: Yeah, I suppose.

TMD: That’s lame. Did you see all the chalkings today for MSA?

R: I was kind of wondering why … they had elections earlier in the year.

TMD: Really? Whatever. What was the last CD you bought?

R: Alan Jackson’s Greatest Hits.

TMD: That’s lame.

R: I like country.

TMD: What about rock’n’roll?

R: No, no rock’n’roll.

TMD: Lame. Have you heard of William Hung, the “American Idol” phenom?

R: I actually watched some of that last night.

TMD: He has a CD coming out, do you think you’re going to buy it?

R: Oh no.

TMD: Why not?

R: I’m not very impressed with him. My roommate can sing much better than him.

TMD: Really? Is your roommate there?

R: No, she’s actually doing laundry.

TMD: Whatever. Does she have a record deal?

R: No.

TMD: Lame. Do you download music?

R: Nope. They took my Internet away from me.

TMD: Because you like country?

R: No, because I got a virus.

TMD: Do you sing in the shower?

R: I used to but not here.

TMD: What did you used to sing?

R: You’re going to think I’m a loser but a song from “Fievel Goes West.”

TMD: I dig cartoons like “Lucas, the Ear of Corn.” Nothing to be embarrassed about. I need you to help me settle a bet. Who has the best beard in music?

R: Weird Al Yankovic.

TMD: Lame.

R: Tim McGraw has a good goatee.

TMD: You’re digging yourself a big hole here. Next question. Do you think OutKast has really broken up?

R: Yeah, it’s just a gimmick for money.

TMD: Who had the better Let it Be? The Beatles or The Replacements?

R: The Beatles.

TMD: That’s George Harrison’s old band, right?

R: Yeah.

TMD: I’ve always wanted to hear them. Ok, we’re going to play a game. I’ll say a country, you tell me if they’re hot or not. Norway.

R: Hot.

TMD: Finland.

R: Hot.

TMD: Yugoslavia.

R: Not so much.

TMD: Poland

R: Very hot.

TMD: France.

R: Not so much.

TMD: Is France ever really hot?

R: I don’t know, I’ve never been there.

TMD: Sweden?

R: Not hot.

TMD: Sweden’s so 1995, isn’t it?

R: Definitely.

TMD: Let’s make a mix tape, this’ll be interesting. Do we make it on cassette tape or CD?

R: Tape.

TMD: You’re old school. What’s the essential first song?

R: The song from “Fievel Goes West” that I sing in the shower. What about the Elton John song from “Moulin Rouge?”

TMD: I don’t know that song, but we could choose the superior “Rocket Man.”

R: OK.

TMD: OK, let’s play another game. I’ll give you a person’s name and you tell me if they’re on steroids or not. Barry Bonds.

R: Who? I don’t know who that is.

TMD: Really? He’s a lawyer. What about Jason Giambi?

R: Definitely.

TMD: Pat Lafontaine.

R: I don’t know.

TMD: Don Zimmer.

R: No.

TMD: Lance Armstrong.

R: No.

TMD: Have you ever seen him ride?

R: I don’t think you could be that good on steroids. They wouldn’t help when you have to bike and run and work hard and stuff. In baseball you just hit the ball.

TMD: Isn’t that that point of steroids?

R: They just make you stronger.

TMD: Pudge Rodriguez?

R: I don’t know who that is.

TMD: I think he’s running for MSA.

R: Then I’ll say yes.

TMD: That’s all I got. You’ve been a great first time. I’d recommend you to anyone.

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