The Michigan Daily: Hey, is this Syreeta?

Random: Yes.

TMD: Hey, you”ve been randomly selected out of 40,000 students on campus to take part in the Random Student Interview for Weekend, etc. Magazine. How does that make you feel?

R: What would this be for?

TMD: It would be for The Michigan Daily.

How was your Thanksgiving?

R: It was good. I got to go home and see my family and see friends.

TMD: How is school looking right now?

R: Stressful. I”m ready for these last few weeks to be over.

TMD: How many pounds was your bird?

R: I have no idea.

TMD: Did you celebrate Buy Nothing Day this year?

R: Yeah.

TMD: So did you spend time with friends and family instead of going to the mall?

R: Yeah, I spent time with family. Because a lot of people couldn”t get in on Thanksgiving day, we did stuff on Friday.

TMD: What do you think about killing Osamma Bin Laden?

R: I don”t care for killing anyone. I don”t think it”s morally correct and I don”t think it would solve or correct anything that happened on Sept. 11. I think it would make us look just as bad as he did.

TMD: Bush wants to go after Iraq and North Korea. So, do you think we should go kill Sadam Hussein?

R: No, for the same reason that I said we shouldn”t kill Osamma bin Laden.

TMD: But do you think we should take him out of power?

R: If we could take some of his power away without causing bodily harm, we should.

TMD: Have you ever heard anybody say McDonald”s?

R: Outside of the restaurant, no.

TMD: Do you ever experienced the joy of cola?

R: Yeah.

TMD: Are you sure you”re not relating to some Britney Spears phenomenon instead?

R: What are you talking about?

TMD: Slogans. Is Dr. Pepper a part of you?

R: No.

TMD: Have you ever gotten “the sensation” when you bite into a York Peppermint Patty?

R: (Laughing.) No

TMD: Have you ever eaten a Reese”s the wrong way?

R: Can”t say as I have.

TMD: Of course you haven”t! There”s no wrong way to eat a Reese”s.

Were you swept up in the insanity of the Taco Bell gordita revolution?

R: I sure was. I love gorditas

TMD: Did you take part in the failed Chalupa revolution?

R: No. Just the gorditas.

TMD: Have you ever just done it?

(Laughing hysterically.) No.

TMD: Well most people have, and I have and I get sick of people telling me to do it over and over again when there are better things to do. Speaking of which, do you watch TV?

R: Yeah.

TMD: How much would someone have to pay you for you to throw away your television for a year?

R: A year!? Wow. It would take $10,000.

TMD: TV is that important to you?

R: TV is vital. What do you do at nights when there”s nothing better to do? You watch TV.

TMD: No, I interview random students.

0Do you know what the adjective snarky means?

R: No idea.

TMD: Thank you and goodnight.

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