The Michigan Daily: Hey, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in being interviewed for The Michigan Daily? It’s the paper at the University?

Random 1: Sure.

Random 2: Yeah, I’ll do it.

TMD: So what are your names?

R1: I’m Evan.

R2: My name is Darnell.

TMD: Michigan is considered a very liberal campus. Do you think this is true or is it all talk?

R1: It depends on the situation. It could go both ways I think.

TMD: Do you think the students are the ones who are more liberal or do you think everybody is?

R2: It’s a mixture.

TMD: There are a lot of protest rallies on campus, but only a few students and community members get involved. Would you ever participate in a rally?

R1: No.

TMD: If you could protest anything in a rally, what would it be?

R2: Lack of local programs for the youth so they don’t get into trouble. They can’t get out of their neighborhoods and see what happens. There are no places for them to have fun, you know?

TMD: Ann Arbor has a lot of homeless people for its size. Do you ever give money to homeless people on the street?

R2: Someone asks me for a dollar, I’m like, “Man, I’m at work right now.”

R1: They have it a lot better than anywhere else in the state of Michigan, and probably the United States. These people seem like they would have enough sense to get a job or pick themselves off their feet.

R2: No, man. You have to check the situation of each person. Anything could happen to make any of us homeless. You have to find out why the person is homeless before you put that cap on everybody.

R1: Even if I came close to having a job, I would find something to do.

TMD: What about Shakey Jake? Have you ever seen him or heard him play?

R1: Oh yeah, Shakey’s a character. I like him.

TMD: Do you have any of his merchandise?

R1: Of course. I have the postcards.

TMD: What about his bumper stickers?

R1: No, but they are on the backs of people’s cars.

TMD: What about the Naked Mile? Have you ever participated?

R1: Oh no way.

TMD: Do you know anyone who’s ever participated?

R1: No, I don’t, but it’s a big thing. But now it’s getting smaller kind of like Hash Bash.

TMD: Do you agree that the participants should be arrested?

R1: If it offends people. You know, half the people are offended, half the people it doesn’t. To me, I really don’t care. I think it’s kind of funny.

TMD: What about the photographers who take pictures and post them on websites? What do you think of that?

R1: Uh, that’s illegal.

R2: Not.

TMD: You don’t think the people participating deserve that?

R2: If you take off your clothes and walk down the street and get your picture taken, that’s your fault.

R1: Thank you. That’s what I’m saying right here.

R2: We’re talking about humans. Both sexes want to see the opposite sex. Some same sexes want to see the same sex. Think about it. You’re going out there and you know there are cameras.

R1: Personally, I wouldn’t be the one taking the pictures for the website.

R2: I know you wouldn’t. The question is, is it wrong?

R1: If you’re posing for the camera, you’re putting yourself out there.

R2: People are going to be gawking, taking pictures, you know that.

TMD: How about the Ann Arbor Art Fair? Have you ever been?

R1: Oh yeah, I look forward to that.

TMD: What do you usually buy?

R1:Yeah, that’s one of the times during the year when I spend the most money.

TMD: On what kinds of stuff?

R1: Good clothing sales and all. I’m into fashion.

TMD: If you could briefly state your opinion on the war …

R1: I can’t say I don’t care about it because it’s definitely reflected in what’s going on around here. I’m not a Republican, so I don’t approve, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Seems like every time there’s a Republican in office, we end up in a war. The country was a lot better before, when a Democrat was in office.

R2: For one, I think it’s a continuation of Bush senior’s problem when he was in office and also it’s Bush’s way of staying in office. He got in office the wrong way. People don’t want to speak on it, but it doesn’t make any sense.

TMD: If you could put any former president in office to replace Bush, dead or alive, who would you pick?

R1: That’s a hard question, but I did like Mr. Clinton.

TMD: Why did you like him?

R1: He was down to earth. He was real about the issues.

TMD: So you didn’t think that his personal life had anything to do with his work?

R2: He’s the man. Many presidents cheated. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s a fact of politics.

TMD: Do you think that Ann Arbor is the University, or can the city stand by itself?

R1: I think this city’s made from the University. That’s what keeps the money coming and what makes it a high population area.

TMD: So who has the right of way around campus: cars or students?

R2: Oooo, now there’s a good question. Wow.

R1: During orientation, they’re telling these students to just walk out in front of traffic. I mean sometimes the pedestrian has the right of way, but I’ve had instances where people almost got really injured.

The students should be more aware of their surroundings. In front of the Union- that’s the worst spot. I’m like, I’m driving down the street and the crosswalk is a block further. Students, look both ways before crossing the street.

R2: And remember, if I don’t see you on accident, I’m in a car!

TMD: What about restaurants in the area. What’s your favorite?

R2: Man, if you don’t say it, I’m gonna tell.

R1: You know what, I love Afternoon Delight.

TMD: Where’s that?

R1: On Liberty.

TMD: What kind of food do they have?

R1: They have breakfast, lunch, dinner.

TMD: What’s your favorite thing to eat there?

R1: Walter’s Fried Chicken

TMD: Ok, that’s it guys. Thanks.

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