“It’s not an upset, because this is what’s supposed to happen. Michigan is supposed to come in and beat the SEC because we are the Big Ten.”

– Defensive end Brandon Graham

“They were a hungry team, they came out ready to go, ready to fight, and they heard a lot about the SEC and wanted to get a piece of it. And they did, unfortunately.”

– Florida quarterback Tim Tebow

“I’m glad we played this game against a great Florida team, they had the Heisman winner, they had all the hype, we’re the underdogs, we love being the underdogs, we came down here in front of a Florida crowd and we took over the stadium and won the game. It’s a great ending to my career.”

– senior captain Mike Hart

“The Heisman Trophy winner, I respect everything he does and I really like him as a person, but when you step out onto that field, you’re not carrying that Heisman Trophy around with you. You’re another player like everyone else.”

– senior safety Jamar Adams

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